How to Watch the USFL: FREE live streams for Generals, Stallions, Stars, Breakers, and more | Date, time, TV, and channel for every Week 1 game

How to Watch the USFL: FREE live streams for Generals, Stallions, Stars, Breakers, and more | Date,  ...

The USFL is back.

This weekend, the football league will feature four games.

The New Jersey Generals will face off with the Birmingham Stallions on Saturday, April 16, 2022, as part of the inaugural game of the 2022 season.

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The first day of the USFL season for Week 1 of 2022 is here:

Saturday, April 16

Guardians vs. Stallions, 7:30 p.m. ET, Fox/NBC,

Sunday, April 17th

vs., 12 p.m. ET, NBC, and others.

4 p.m. ET, USA Network, Vs.

8 p.m. ET, FS1, vs.,


Jon Miller, who plays for NBC Sports in the summer, was aware of the dangers of starting a spring football league. He was inducted into the sport when the network joined Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment during the XFL's first game in 2001 and has had other leagues crash and burn.

Miller is optimistic that a new version of the USFL might have some force.

"It's possible that the fifth time is a journey. I think the timing is right, the partnership is right, and the model is bred for success," Miller said. "We're both optimistic, hopeful, and excited at the same time."

The USFL starts Saturday night in Birmingham, Alabama, when the New Jersey Generals face the Birmingham Stallions.

The two teams will play 22 games every Saturday, including the opening of the New England Patriots against the New York Giants. It is the first time since the 2007 regular-season finale that a game will be broadcast on several broadcast networks.

Fox Sports is investing $150 million in three years on the USFL. The only ties between the 1983-1985 USFL and this one are the team names.

Michael Mulvihill, Fox Sports executive vice president, believes the XFL would have made it if it wasn't for the coronavirus epidemic. It suspended operations in April 2020 after the outbreak. It played five weeks before COVID-19 halted sports a month earlier.

After eight weeks of being out of money, the Alliance of American Football was forced to retire.

I believe the viewership figures for spring football are excellent enough to give us a high degree of confidence that the interest among supporters is there, Mulvihill said. It just becomes a matter of how can we develop a business model that is more effective than the leagues that have tried and haven't succeeded. Because were structured the way we are, we have a very good chance of doing exactly that.

Before the NCAA starts, there are two key differences with the USFL. It has waited until April to start the season. After the Super Bowl, the XFL and AAF soon started their seasons and eventually had to go against the NCAA basketball tournament and the Masters.

The NBA and NHL playoffs will compete for the USFL through the end of May. It averaged 1.5 million viewers on Fox and ABC during its last week of games, while AAF ratings for preseason NFL games were similar.

The other difference is that the season will take place in two cities. The regular season will take place in Birmingham, with the playoffs slated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

"It's beneficial for us to have a solid financial foundation before year two begin to kind of dial it in," said Daryl Johnston, the former Dallas Cowboys standout and Fox NFL commentator. The USFL's executive vice president of football operations.

Johnston served as head of officiating for the XFL and AAF. Brian Woods, the founder of The Spring League, is the USFL's president of football operations. While Mike Pereira, the Fox NFL and college football rules director, will be a role model for officiating.

During the regular season, the eight teams will play a 10-game schedule, with the top two teams in the North and South divisions leading the way for the playoffs. The championship game will be a division winner.

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