Five Auburn defenders who were elevated during spring football

Five Auburn defenders who were elevated during spring football ...

Auburn's head coach and his coaching staff have repeatedly told reporters that their best path to a successful season in 2022 is a run-first offense. If he's right, the Tiger defense must also stop the run and prevent opposing quarterbacks from going in the Southeastern Conference.

Winning football fixtures in the spread-offense era with an old-school approach encourages an aggressive defense that may slow down some of the finest college football offenses. The amount of brute force required to thrive in the toughest division in the best conference in America requires lots of effort.

After last Saturday's A-Day game,who improved their chances for playing time. Today we switch to the defense, which will be crucial if Auburn's plans to win with a run game are successful.

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Dylan Brooks

Auburn has a dynamic edge-rushing team with Eku Leota and Derick Hall. But two aren't enough. Dylan Brooks might add depth to defensive coordinator Jeff Schmedding.

Were hoping to increase our weight on him over the summer. Hes really developing how to use his hands a lot better. Hes also beginning to learn the system and the playbook, Hall said. I have been working with him in the dorms, going through the playbook, and finding the terminology down. I feel like he will be a really, really good player once he gets that down.

In the conference, Brooks has the opportunity to wreak havoc on offensive lines.

Cam Riley

With his five-tackle performance in the Birmingham Bowl against Houston, the 6-foot-5 230 linebacker pushed himself on the map. He continued to gain ground during spring camp. Riley has the ability to be a great tackler for the Tigers.

Riley played in 11 games as a true freshman. As a sophomore, he might play in key third-down situations for the Tigers.

"He is a powerful player, and I think the greatest thing that he gained last year was no. 1 the experience, and then took that, and there was a hunger after the season, I'll say that." Schmedding wanted to be more active in this defense and play significant minutes, and it showed up. Sometimes people say they want it, but their actions do not always help it up; you see the weight he has gained.

Wesley Steiner is a footballer.

Replacing Zakoby McClain and Chandler Wooten is a difficult task. Steiner hopes to join Riley as part of a retooled linebacker room in the Birmingham Bowl. He has played in several games over the last two seasons.

"I'm certain that Chandler and Zakoby were kind to play around and be around," Steiner said. Because of their amazing abilities, they've ensured that younger people strive to do as well as the whole unit. I've personally missed Zakoby and Chandler out there. They have done a lot to help develop and expand our unit. I'm just trying to take what I learned from them and apply it to the rest of the unit so we can continue moving in a positive direction.

J.D. Rhym

Rhym is a freshman from Valdosta looking to be one of the defensive backs to replace Roger McCreary and Smoke Monday in the backfield.

Rhym, at 61, has the ability to defend bigger receivers and tight ends with the ability to play on the edge or in the slot.

Caleb Wooden

In his first practice this spring, Wooden had an interception and forced a fumble. During the 15 practices that ended with the A-Day game at Jordan-Hare, he continued making plays. Wooden is a talented safety who might have an incredible playing time as a freshman.

This season, Wooden will be able to join his older brother Chandler on the field.

Chandler Wooden said he's been seeing him since he was younger, playing at safety and running back, and much more. I always say, 'That's really my brother out there.' This fall, we've got two Woodens on the field at the same time.

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