Annie, the truth is that I am lonely

Annie, the truth is that I am lonely ...

Annie, I'm attempting to express my gratitude for abandoning and simply being done. I've discovered that nothing really means diddly anymore, going from day to day in an attempt to express happiness and compassion to anyone. No one gives a rip.

At the age of 65, I've found that everyday friendships and greeting other individuals are not just people engaging in what everybody expects to hear. "How are you doing?" "Great," says the author. Unmanly. We hold the pain internally, but wearing the mask that depicts everything is remarkable, leading down the path of the same ol', the same ol'.

I'm so grateful in life. I have a nice house, good kids, good retirement, and, in addition to comparing this to those who struggle daily, guilt. Yet, the internal blah is still there.

My children's careers took them away from the United States. I'm a single father and grandpa. I get out with friends, but I'm always the third wheel. I give my time and share. I love deeply.

When I'm asked how things are, I'd say it openly and truthfully: "I'm lonely."

Folks have their own masks to hide behind, the same as me. We all are phonies.

Angry on the road. Angry in the shops. Skulls. Like it is all expected. Fraud insurance for profit. Schemes. No one has any sympathy for anyone else. "I'd better get it before some other guy does."

I wonder how to cope. Is it a free-for-all experience? I wish I had someone to walk with holding hands and feeling again, someone who can relate and gently tell me everything will be okay. Done With It

No matter how blessed or fortunate we are in life, it's not uncommon to feel down from time to time, especially considering the difficulties we have all faced these past few years. However, just because the world is populated with angry people does not mean you must be a member of those who are.

Find some hobbies or volunteer work to enhance your daytime and give back. Perhaps starting out on your own might increase your potential life prospects. Try to get the good in every day, no matter how small.


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