From Film-Inspired Cookbooks to Movie Night Essentials, these are the best gifts for cinephiles

From Film-Inspired Cookbooks to Movie Night Essentials, these are the best gifts for cinephiles ...

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It may be difficult to choose a movie buff who is well-versed in old and new cinema footage. But when it comes to buying movie lovers, it's hard to know if your favorite cinephile already owns that coveted collectible, that hard-to-find boxed set, or every piece of movie memorabilia. Make sure you include someone who loves Legos and who loves it. There's a special present for that. Are they a chef who loves The Godfather? There's

Here are some of the finest gifts for film enthusiasts in your life. From home theater essentials (such as and snacks) to books on Hollywood trailblazers and decor, check out our top picks below.

Kodak's works both inside and outside easily and can display high-quality photographs up to 150 inches in Ultra HD. It also has streaming apps, Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI and USB ports, making it easy for visitors to watch films on virtually any device and streaming service.

There are a few clever Lego sets out there, which might be among the best gifts for. The 590-piece set comes with a colorful and a display stand. It only has the downside: it will not be worn but at least it will look fresh on the shelf.

If you're not sure what genre they're interested in, please send them a gift card to, which allows them to purchase or rent some of the most recent releases, including, (out April 18), the and more. Plus, you can receive a 10 percent discount on gift card orders of $50 or more for a limited time with the code VUDUAPR22.

The Corleones may not be known for breaking bread, but are inspired by the Mafia family at least allow fans to sample Italian fare. From ciabatta bread and traditional meatballs to Clemenza's Sunday sauce and that infamous "leave the gun" cannoli, there's something for every film-loving person.

Liliana Battle and Stacey Tyzzer's The Corleone Family Cookbook is $22.99 on

Gift them a and a in one with the. Whether they are new to a smart TV or looking for a more streamlined home theater setup, this two-in-one speaker is great for cord cutters who want to stream in HD, 4K, and HDR, and it's compatible with Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant. The HDMI-ARC port and the included cable makes it easy to set up, and you may go the extra mile and gift a to complete their setup

Columbia Pictures' is the first studio set in a four-volume box set series to allow filmmakers to look into some of the best black-and-white films, including The Big Heat, The Lineup, Murder by Contract, The Sniper, and 5 Against the House.

Takes a deep dive into his distinct filmmaking technique (including the directors who helped him) and his finest works. For anyone who loves every scene of Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill, it's a great deal.

Socks always make a great gift, and these from Stance (which has been worn by Rihanna, Justin Bieber, LeBron James, and celebrity investors Dwayne Wade and Will Smith) might be particularly beneficial for animated film enthusiasts who love comfort and style on their feet.

This will challenge cinephiles to see or re-watch some of history's finest films. It features 100 blockbusters and critically acclaimed films that they can scratch off after the credits roll, and this might be a good time for any movie fan to catch up on the most impressive photographs.

This beautifully illustrated 128-book shines a light on 50 of Hollywood's most powerful women. She includes exclusive interviews with Rita Moreno, Barbra Streisand, and Sigourney Weaver, as well as interviews with filmmakers Ava DuVernay, Anna May Wong, Nora Ephron, and Alice Guy Blache.

From Casablanca and Million Dollar Baby to The Broadway Melody and The Departed, there's something worth watching from every Hollywood era. If your giftee is devoted to specific decades, the studio also has collections for, and other specialties.

Scroll through the endless options on Netflix or Hulu and see how to watch something more efficiently. That's why it's a little easier to make that indecision a little easier or at least assist settle on a genre.

Hitchcock films are well-known for their quirky scenes, and this cool (available in a range of sizes) by Society6 artist ChungkongMMP is one of the coolest ways to provide movie buffs who want to hang out their bedroom or living space.

Andrew DeGraff has aided cinematic enthusiasts to discover the worlds of 35 of the best films, including in detail. Each cartographic art is hand-painted, including maps of King Kong, The Princess Bride, Fargo, Pulp Fiction, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, and other works, which allow viewers to retrace their favorite fictional characters. A.D. Jameson's essay is also included in the cartographic art.

Are you looking for someone who believes they are familiar with their movies in and out? Test their knowledge with.

With the perfect snacks, a good movie gets even better. adds a distinctly retro feel to the snacking experience, creating a.

The vast majority of good meals on the big screen, but they are accessible to everyone who has eaten them before. That's not the case for them!

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