Getty Street Grill in Muskegon, Michigan's Best Local Eats, serves up tacos and homemade treats, like stuffed hash browns

Getty Street Grill in Muskegon, Michigan's Best Local Eats, serves up tacos and homemade treats, lik ...

MUSKEGON, MI Good food and caring individuals. It's an easy to remember motto, and the staff at Getty Street Grill have taught them for over two decades.

Restaurants in Muskegon offer a variety of options, such as breakfast, lunch, an early dinner, or a variety of homemade pie.

Employees of Getty Street Grill come to work every day with a smile, cheek to cheek over the past 23 years.

Lindsay Broadbent, the owner of the McDonald's, said there's something special about the service her staff provides at the eatery, located at 1572 S Getty St. in Muskegon.

"I've never loved working at a job as much as I do here," Broadbent said. "The customers are the sweetest people. I have a really good relationship with a large amount of people, they feel like family."

Each morning, the diner is able to see servers in any direction delivering one of the restaurant's popular breakfast dishes, including stuffed hazel browns.

The meal is a hash brown with cheddar cheese, bacon, and ranch on the inside, onions, mushrooms, and peppers, which is then prepared with a side of toast ($7.75).

Broadbent said locals appreciate the meal and seek out it for out-of-town visitors.

Another hit during breakfast time is the Grill's three-egg farmer's omelet with American fries, along with ham, onions, and peppers, and served with a side of toast ($8.50).

We do a lot of teamwork here, Broadbent said. Everybody assists everybody, and our clients notice that.

As the crew shifts from breakfast to lunchtime, it's possible to get ordered all day. Recently, a customer favorite, the chicken Waldorf salad, was recalled to the Getty Street Grill menu. The meal is served on a first-come, first-serve basis every Wednesday.

Fresh apples and grapes are topped with chicken and a special dressing ($9.75).

If you have enough space after your big meal or want to grab a slice beforehand, Broadbent recommended a slice of one of the Grill's homemade cream pudding.

Broadbent said, You may get them by the slice or buy something completely.

Getty Street Grill is open from 7 to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and from 8 to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The restaurant can be reached at (231) 773-6388.

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