Flint, the head of the Flint police department, is interested in removing from 911 in Genesee County

Flint, the head of the Flint police department, is interested in removing from 911 in Genesee County ...

FLINT, MI: More than six years after Genesee County 911 took over, Flint police and fire calls, police Chief Terence Green said she would prefer the program to be returned in the classroom.

Green spoke during a budget hearing on Thursday, April 14, to the City Council, saying that the city is researching making a such move, said that he prefers to handle dispatching in the city, and that the change might be accomplished with a $3-4 million investment in the American Rescue Plan Act funds.

Weve already conducted the research. All the administration has to do is say, Yes, were doing this, and well use ARPA dollars to do this. Thats the only way (we might)

On Friday, March 15, MLive-The Flint Journal could not reach a spokeswoman for Mayor Sheldon Neeley.

The mayor proposed and the City Council agreed to allocate $16 million in ARPA funds for a massive demolition project, which officials believe will be supported by other organizations, including Genesee County, the county Land Bank Authority, and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.


While Neeley believes public safety is a priority for Flint's $94.7 million ARPA budget, he has not proposed renovating the Flint dispatch facility, which was operated by city police from a Flint Fire Department building.

Green informed council members that, outing the city's greater direct control of police who are on duty, he's received complaints from individuals who claim they were treated rudely or put on hold when they called 911.

Flint police should provide the assistance they need for emergency treatment, according to Green.

Green's remarks have been denied by Tim Jones, the executive director of Genesee County 911.

Jones said the consortium that oversees the consolidated dispatch system is willing to continue assisting Flint emergency inquiries, and said the city would have difficulties to overcome if it left the group, including hiring dispatchers, acquisition of radios, and the acquisition or construction of a new radio tower.

On Friday, April 15, he said, "We will wait and see what happens."

Flint, a county dispatch system, was set up in September 2014 by city and county officials after the city broke away from the group and established a new independent operation.

Flint joined the organization that now serves all citizens in the county, with the exception of Fenton.

Officials said a reshuffle in the county dispatch system would save the city about $1 million per year, compared to the cost of operating it own system.

According to its website, the county 911 system was first established in 1973 when 13 Michigan State Police dispatchers began dealing with calls for six police agencies and seven fire departments. Today, it has 50 telecoms workers, six supervisors, two information technology employees, one office administrator, one deputy director, and a director.

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