In Grand Blanc, the Catholic church organizes prayer and faith during Good Friday procesions

In Grand Blanc, the Catholic church organizes prayer and faith during Good Friday procesions ...

Norm Fox climbed to his knees when he saw Father Joe Krupp carrying a cross during Good Friday processions.

Fox sought reconciliation after his father, Lee Fox, died two days ago.

When Fox said in 'Forrest Gump,' he says, 'I know what love is.' "My dad knew what love is."

In the midst of Hazel Avenue, Fox and Krupp were engaged in prayer after the neighborhood procession.

When he met with the pastor, he became convinced that he would leave his father.

"We are taught to call Jesus father... What father is - it's my father. He was father to perfection," Fox said.

On Good Friday, Father Joe Krupp and members of the Holy Family in Grand Blanc spent the afternoon carrying around a cross to do neighborhood processions, a Catholic tradition and commemoration of Jesus Christ's last day on Earth.

In Grand Blanc on Friday, April 15, at noon, prayer services took place along five directions and neighborhoods. Krupp and other members of the church walked in the Indian Hill Elementary neighborhood.

It is very important to remind people that this is correct, Krupp said. Nobody needs a reminder that things are suck.

Members of the community came outside to pray, recognize the cross, and walk with the group.

Rick Samassa, a Holly resident, said he intends to spend this Saturday on self-improvement.

Its time we become better people, Samassa said. We shouldnt butt heads constantly. We should really have a common goal. Thats what Im aiming to achieve, but Im a project in progress.

The procession on Facebook was livestreamed by the church.

During COVID-19, neighborhood processions dragged dozens of people out during lockdowns.

"This is the most beautiful thing that Father Joe do for us," said Mary Goetz, a Grand Blanc resident who watched the procession. "He brings people back to the faith in an amazing way and makes faith so accessible."

The processions on today were carried out following a weeklong schedule of events on Holy Week prior to Easter Sunday.

After the processions, the group returned to the church for a program and reading scripture.

On April 17, the Holy Family's church will have Easter Sunday liturs at 10 a.m. and noon.

On the internet, there is a long-term schedule.

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