Piers Morgan Reveals He's Back In Touch With The Trumps Before Of The Next Talk Show

Piers Morgan Reveals He's Back In Touch With The Trumps Before Of The Next Talk Show ...

reveals that Ivanka Trump had recently talked to him, despite being frozen out by Donald in the last couple of years following a long friendship between them.

Morgan, a well-financed, widely-hyped new talk show, has announced that he received a text of congratulations from the former president's daughter when he got his new job with Rupert Murdoch's News UK.

Morgan told the newspaper that he replied to Ivanka, sending his "best to all members of the family."

'Well, tell your dad,' she said, according to me, 'I thought I'll be careful about how I describe this,' he said. 'tell your dad I almost miss him.' She laughed.

Morgan was one of his most prolific supporters during his presidency, with the pair meeting and becoming friends when the British presenter appeared on Celebrity Apprentice in the United States. In 2020, Morgan stated that Trump's policies were "stupid, reckless, and dangerous." Morgan said, however, in his single presidential appearance, said the prospect of Trump appearing on his next talk show is no doubt a possibility to appeal to Morgan.

Piers Morgan Uncensored, a brand-new studio in West London, will air in the United Kingdom, America, and Australia. Much unlike Morgan's most recent television appearance, Morgan was paired with Susanna Reid until he walked off set over an oprah Winfrey appearance, but left a tumultuous crowd of fans. Instead, Morgan is hoping to be optimistic.

Rather than having a Covid test [to get on set,], you'll need a IQ test. Ha ha! I will tolerate all opinions, according to a statement from the Times.

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