Stripe Studios in Wonder Street, New Zealand, Have Set a Unscripted TV Deal

Stripe Studios in Wonder Street, New Zealand, Have Set a Unscripted TV Deal ...

EXCLUSIVE: A group of US and New Zealand TV companies has agreed to collaborate on a slate of unscripted television series, which has begun the partnership with.

The Remarkables Ski Field in Queensland will be watched by Snow Patrol, a team of skilled skiers and navigate life on the slopes. Now in preparation, New Zealand gold diggers for Sky TV are following modern-day gold diggers who battle the harsh terrain in New Zealand, battling floods, hails, and blizzards.

Both series will debut in New Zealand on its first air, with eyes on opportunities in future markets.

Stripe is already behind Bravo New Zealand's The Circus, an original series that follows a family who lives, work, and play together under the backdrop of a traveling circus. Season 3 of the series is now shooting. It is also in production on Great Southern Truckers for New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, and Reunited for NZTV.

This exciting new partnership with Wonder Street opens the way for the US market and allows us to develop meaningful global content for the widest possible audience, said Stripe CEO Alex Breingan.

Wonder Street's latest partnership comes as it prepares to pilot East New York with Amanda Warren and Jimmy Smits. Other films include Self Made: The Madam CJ Walker Story, which has received Octavia Spencer an Emmy nomination, and the Jodie Foster-Tahar Rahim pic The Mauritanian.

We at Stripe Studios, we've found ourselves capable of capturing extraordinary footage from the present day, but we insist on recognizing the human condition in their pictures, while also giving us a glimpse into other cultures we may not have had to.

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