For its first anniversary, Manticore Games has added Core to iOS

For its first anniversary, Manticore Games has added Core to iOS ...

On April 26-28th, GamesBeat Summit 2022 will bring its largest event for game leaders.

Core, the metaverse platform, has been added to iOS for the first time. It is also releasing Party Portals, a collection of games built in Core, with which users may host their own events and game nights.

Core has had over 3 million users in its first year, and 30,000 creators have launched 50,000 playable games and events. Party Portals simplifie the use of minigames such as bowling and poker.

"The Core Metaverse" is a virtual space of self expression, creativity, and new economic opportunities, according to Frederic Descamps, the company's CEO. We provide our huge network of over three million users the tools they need to create, share, and experience any country they imagine. We're expanding the platform by introducing new types of highly-accessible social experiences, including Party Portals.

Core has hosted several virtual events in the last year, including Geoff Keighley's. The iOS version of the platform will allow for crossplay with PC and Mac.

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