UM-Flint offers an asynchronous online degree completion program

UM-Flint offers an asynchronous online degree completion program ...

FLINT, MI -- The University of Michigan-Flint has launched a program to assist residents with some college credits, but no Bachelor's degree.

According to a news release from the university, the program, which was first announced at UM-Flint this week, will be entirely online-based and formatted in a manner that allows students in all stages of life to succeed.

Classes will be performed asynchronously, meaning students do not have to meet a fixed class start time and may be able to work around as life changes.

Through advanced seven-week courses, students may complete two classes at a time.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree with two additional certificates, including Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Data Analytics & Interpretation, and Digital Communication.

According to the release, a new donation from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is allowing newly-admissiond AODC students to earn a scholarship of up to $8,000 for their first year of enrollment.

UM-Flint Chancellor Deba Dutta said the program was specifically tailored to those who left college without finishing their degree.

"Having a familyor a jobshould not exclude someone from a quality education," Dutta said. AODC helps countless students to earn a prestigious bachelor's degree by recognizing the challenges facing today's learners.

In August 2022, the first AODC courses will begin.

On Wednesday, April 20, a group of prospective students will take place at noon.

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