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Passionflix's 'This Man' Sets Cast; Acquisitions By Freestyle, Video Project, Adventure Entertainmen ...

EXCLUSIVE: Outfest Fusion has collaborated to develop a one-of-a-kind short film financing and IP licensing initiative, in support of LGBTQIA+ filmmakers of color.

During Outfest Los Angeles in July, eligible filmmakers will pitch original short films with the help of one of three Concord-licensed songs, including Faridah Gbadamosi, Outfest's artistic director, Charles Hopkins, and a special guest judge. The winners filmmakers will be announced at the conclusion of the festival and will feature their short films with the help of Concord Originals and Outfest, before being showcased at Outfest Fusion in 2023.

Concord Originals will provide financing of up to $25,000 per short film. The songs to be featured include "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)," "Tres Das De Carnaval," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "from Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel." The submission deadline for the written application to be considered for the pitch competition is June 15th.


EXCLUSIVE: Kristy Dawn Dinsmore and Tyler Cook have been appointed to lead the upcoming film This Man, which is scheduled to premiere next week and will be released worldwide on Passionflix this December.

The Manor, a romance-themed streaming service, has had its largest release to date based on book one in the top New York Times bestseller series by Jodi Ellen Malpas. It watches as a young interior designer Ava O'Shea (Dinsmore) undertakes a new project, getting caught up in a passionate affair with its devastatingly handsome, mysterious and dominant owner Jesse Ward (Cook).

Delaney Keith, Alexander Nedvidek, Charles Ambrose, Jay Hector, Vanna Pilgrim, Kate Bryce, Kenjah, Steve Etienne, and Amato D'Apolito will perform in the film, according to Tosca Musk, who plays him in the script. Mary Pocrnic was a part of the screenplay. SMS Talent, Untitled Entertainment, and Webster Talent Management, and Cook by Vamos Talento are all affected.


EXCLUSIVE: Byron Allen's Allen Media Group's digital film distribution division has acquired worldwide rights to the YA family drama Evan Wood, with the intention of publishing it over VOD platforms on May 10.

Rachel (Charlotte Louise Spencer) is a writing student in Los Angeles, where she discovers her life altered after receiving information of her grandmother's passing. Through her writing, she learns to return home after years away from her relatives, and to treat her grieving grief through her memoir. During her writing, she learns about her brother's mental health and addiction.

Evan Wood stars Michael Parr and Amy Walker in the film's production from Spencer and Alejandro Lopez, while the latter is producing alongside Matthew Minshall, Lucinda Bruce, and John Rodenkirk. Freestyle Digital Media has agreed to acquire Evan Wood directly with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films. Check out the trailer below.


EXCLUSIVE: Dust, Gunpowder & Sky's subsidiary sci-fi streamer, has set an April 18 premiere date for FutureDude's short, which starring Sharif Atkins (Guardians of the Galaxy), Bruce Davison (X-Men), Megan Dodds (For All Mankind) and Malcolm McDowell (Star Trek: Generations).

The sci-fi thriller brings us to the year 2029, when an incredible breakthrough in whale-human communication is at hand. A marine biologist and her aquatic engineer husband are caught in a catastrophic global catastrophe that separates them from one other and their spectacular underwater city.

Jeffrey Morris of FutureDude has directed from his and Kimberly Morris' script and was performed alongside Anne Marie Gillen. He is represented by Espada PR and Entertainment.


EXCLUSIVE: Video Project, an educational doc distributor, has acquired worldwide rights to the film, directed by Susan Kucera (Hot Money) and narrated by David Morse, a two-time Emmy nominee, for publication this spring.

Climate change, which poses significant risks to humanity and other forms of life, is explored as well as how human traits evolved in order to address short-term challenges for our immediate survival, and how we might bridge the divide between short and long-term planning.

On April 26, Kanopy, an on-demand educational streaming video platform for public libraries and universities, will also release 12th Hour. A 500-school outreach program has also begun, where anybody can receive a 38-page study guide and view the film for free.

Jim Swift served as its director and producer for the Video Project, with Michael Kuehnert and Arlin Golden negotiating the deal for the 12th Hour directly with Kucera and Swift.


EXCLUSIVE: Adventure Entertainment has acquired North American rights to the Untethered Productions documentary on May 20thbeginning with a special preview on the evening of the 19th at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Los Angeles, with the filmmakers in attendance for a conversation.

The Race to Alaska is a visceral film about the triumph over the adversity of a real-life Amazing Race-type test of endurance. Described as the "Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a Grizzly bear," this epic endurance race hites the intrepid and unhinged who discover their advantage along a coast that is as punishable as it is beautiful.

Zach Carver, who was directed by Ian Morland (Dear White People) and Liv von Oelreich (The Girl in the Spider's Web) for the film, is making a feature directorial debut. View the trailer for The Race to Alaska below.


EXCLUSIVE: Cranked Up Films, a genre firm, has acquired North American rights to the award-winning documentary, about punk rock band The Matches, which will be available on digital and VOD on May 27.

Bleeding Audio highlights the rich history of The Matches and explores how to develop successful music in the digital age. The critically acclaimed doc has received several film festivals including the Spirit of Slamdance Award and the Audience Award at Dances With Films.

Chelsea Christer stars as executive producers for Good Deed Entertainment & Cranked Up Films, where Justine Cassidy and Stephen Wade both collaborated. Erik Donley, who plays the lead as the director of the creatives, negotiated the agreement for the latter company, with Christer on behalf of the filmmakers.


EXCLUSIVE: Tubi has purchased Jared Cohn, writer-director, for the release this spring.

Jason Dyson (Criss) refuses to throw an MMA match because a gangster kills the fighter and kidnaps Jason's daughter. He must now train a prisoner to undergo five underground encounters, in order to save her.

Anderson Silva, Richard Grieco, and Khalil Rountree star in the production of Mutiny Films. Demetrius Stear, led by Jubal 'Ace' Kohn, has been awarded the deal for Lord of the Streets by Tubi. Demetrius Steer has been reached by Mutiny Films.


Baobab Studios has announced its most recent key positions across animation and gaming, based on its unique location at Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

As Director, Oscar nominee Erick Oh, who directed the critically acclaimed Namoo, has joined the club, along with veteran Blue Sky Studios veteran Jony Chandra. Hayley Porter has joined the club as Director of Marketing, with Michael McCormick and Brian Tinsman joining the club as Games Creative Directors.

The recruiting announcements highlight the studio's momentum on the heels of winning nine Emmys for projects including Invasion!, Asteroids!, Crow: The Legend, and Baba Yaga. Disney Branded Television recently announced that it is working together with Baobab to develop The Witchverse, an animated anthology series based on Baobab's three-time Emmy winning short film and VR experience, Baba Yaga, for Disney+. Namoo, the studio's most recent release


Kino Lorber has announced this week that it has acquired rights to Alejandro Loayza Grisi's Bolivian eco-drama Utama, which she hopes will be released later this year.

Utama is set in the arid Bolivian highlands where an elderly Quechua couple has lived the same daily routine for years. When a prolonged drought threatens their entire life, Virginio (Jose Calcina) and Sisa (Luisa Quispe) are confronted with the consequences of surviving or being defeated by the passage of time. With the arrival of their grandson Clever (Santos Choque), the three of them will confront, each in their own way,

The film made its world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, where Grisi co-produced the script and the footage for Alma Films, including Federico Moreira, who co-produced the film for La Mayor Cine. The arrangement with Kino Lorber Senior Vice President Wendy Lidell, Virginie Devesa, and CAA Media Finance, both agreed on on behalf of the filmmakers.

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