Charlie Rose, the host of a disgraced talk show, is ready to make a comeback

Charlie Rose, the host of a disgraced talk show, is ready to make a comeback ...

Some Hollywood comebacks are joyfully welcomed. John Travolta, Robert Downey Jr., and, who is currently on a tear and making up for years of wasted time under her conservatorship, are just three examples that come to mind. First, there are people who were detained from our thoughts and screens for quite a good reason (read: sexual misconduct allegations), but for some reason feel they are responsible for keeping them alive, even though no one has asked for it or missed them.

It has famously attempted to regain the public's interest with a slew of hilarious YouTube videos; in 2018, rumors that Matt "I Can Lock My Door With the Push of a Button" Lauer was in 2018, and now we can add a list of one-time celebrities who cannot read the room.

As a result of Rose's 75-minute conversation with Warren Buffet, she met some of the world's most famous celebrities, authors, politicians, business scions, and other notable names on

Rose introduces the video by stating, "I'm proud to share this recent conversation with Warren Buffett. It is his first video on camera in over a year and the first I've done in over four years. It is a journey to engage the most interesting people and explore the most compelling ideas in the world."

Rose was accused of 'being forcibly groped by the old man or subjected to him despising in their presence in late 2017,' with similar accusations. In the months preceding, the total number of victims fell to at least 35.

While Rose maintains a certain high-powered friends in his corner, including Gayle King, who said, "surely there must be room for some redemption somewhere." Perhaps it's with the Recording Academy.

People narrened a lot about Rose's self-orchestrated rebirth, but they were also mindful:

Why is Charlie Rose still working? Can't we just stop gliding skeevy predators like Rose?

Matthew Cronin (@MatthewCronin9)

Is there any more apropos in the "The Media" in the works than Charlie Rose re-launching himself by performing a linguistic fellatio on Warren Buffet?

jp sottile (@newsvandal)

If someone changes or takes a real responsibility for his actions, I do not want to be ashamed of the fact that while everyone writes "comeback" statements about these men, their survivors rarely work in their chosen fields again.

Julie Roginsky (@julieroginsky)

Rose made "unwanted sexual advances toward them," according to eight women in our second book. During our second book, 27 women said Rose harassed them.

Amy Brittain (@AmyJBrittain)

Charlie Rose appears to have apologized for multiple, ongoing, disgusting sexual harassment and abuse of women. I guess he's the last word.

Cheri Jacobus (@CheriJacobus)

And Ellen Barkin had a more enticing story:

During a break, Charlie Rose questioned me about "anal sex." I swear to God.

Ellen Barkin (@EllenBarkin)

This should not be held.This is not just repellant and atrocious..But harassment.I'm almost facing my 70th birthday..and am able to "See" the scenarios of this inference and abuse replayed In my minds eye. since I was 12.This is unacceptable.Charlie Rose...SWINE..

formerlyClaireakaMinnie (@CLaireakaMinni1)


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