For 2022, the Best Low-Cost Home Security Devices

For 2022, the Best Low-Cost Home Security Devices ...

It's important year-round, but professional monitoring and hardware costs can add up quickly. However, of all sorts, devices and lights get cheaper by the day, including detectors, contacts, and other equipment that don't require professional installation. And that means you can keep your house and everything in it safe without too much financial investment.

Megan Wollerton, your CNET colleague, said, "." Which means you can get several kinds of, including door and window sensors, and motion detectors for your house. Many of these are often on sale for under $20 so you can safeguard your house while away without breaking the bank.

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Wyze is well-known for its home security cameras, but it also launched a fantastic new video doorbell for under a hundred bucks. It also supports 2-way talk and high resolution live streaming, and it even comes with a plug-in chime, if you don't want it.

These are great ways to keep an eye on packages, greet guests, and deter porch pirates.


While we're talking about inexpensive deterrence, it might be worthwhile to consider dummy cameras as a standard part of your home security kit. Especially for larger homes, where your home security system will cover a lot of space without breaking the bank, fake security cameras can make your house look like a locked-down compound at an affordable price. A four-pack of dummy cameras can be purchased for $20.

Deterrence will only make you so far with a fake security cam. If a burglar enters your house, you'll still want an alarm system either an alarm monitoring device or a motion detector to alert you to the breach.


Amazon Echo Dot

If you're away, you may keep an ear (or some distant microphones) on your house. An Echo Dot, which you can find on sale for $25 fairly often, is the cheapest way to get Alexa Guard monitoring in your house. But if you already have an Echo, this monitoring service is totally free and is available on the Alexa mobile app.

If you use the home monitoring feature, you'll just be saying "Alexa, I'm leaving." Then your Echo will listen for glass breaking, alarms, or the sound of humans moving around your house (it can differ between pets and people) -- and you'll receive a mobile alert if it hears anything.

A is also on the way for $5 per month.


Renters may struggle to increase their home security in part because home security system installation may be a lot of work, especially if you're talking smart deadbolts. If you want to add a little security to your door locks without much worry or cash down, consider a DIY system retrofit lock.

Even if the devices aren't connected to Wi-Fi, they offer practical ways to add another home security barrier to burglars to bypass, which gives the homeowner a little peace of mind. And even if the lock lacks any of the bells and whistles of a smart lock (like a control panel or a burglar alarm), it is portable so you may bring this inexpensive home security lock with you when you're staying at a hotel or an Airbnb.


Wyze Cam is a wallet-friendly smart Wi-Fi camera that allows you to receive free person-alerts to your Wyze app, 14 days of cloud storage, and an SD card slot if you want continuous recording. Wyze's waterproof camera released in 2020, and now includes weatherproof housing, sharper night vision, a wider field of view, a functional siren, and more all for $30.


An occupied house is one of the most obvious deterrents to would-be intruders. Place some smart lights into your kitchen, living room, or front porch fixtures at certain times during the day, and you instantly make your house much less appealing to the more skittish thief.

The. This cheap home security gadgets connect directly to your Wi-Fi network and can be controlled by your mobile device. These lights are perfect to schedule through your app and avoid disappointment.

If you're less concerned about recording specific rooms or are interested in seeing entryways to your house, the security sensor kit may be a better affordable option for you. Wyze is the security company that takes the cake once more, with a customizable security kit that includes a $25 entry sensor, a $10 motion sensor, and a $20 keypad.

This luxury home monitoring security set is a must-have. Perfect for a small apartment or if you're just monitoring your front and back doors, these smart home security kit systems may keep you solidly covered with motion detection for super inexpensive -- eliminating the need for professional monitoring with shoddy customer service or a false alarm.


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