As Steinert baseball defeats Robbinsville, Rivera and Dziubek battle for no-hitters

As Steinert baseball defeats Robbinsville, Rivera and Dziubek battle for no-hitters ...

Steinert faced an opponent's ace for the third time in a row, and the Spartans came out triumphant.

As a result, a team has their two aces combinating on a no-hitter. Fortunately, they have a chance to win most of their games.

  • 4/14 - 4:00 PM BaseballFinal
4/14 - 4:00 PM BaseballFinal
4/14 - 4:00 PM BaseballFinal

In the victory over Robbinsville, Noah Rivera and Matt "The ChairMan" Dziubek beat the Spartans 1-0 to win over the No. 1 Hurler, Luke Billings.

The game was moved from Robbinsville to Steinert, but the Ravens were still the home team.

Rivera pitched six innings and faced one batter over the minimum. The only runners he allowed were a hit batsman, who was caught stealing, and a strikeout that slowed the offense. He was unable to finish his gem after a one-hour lightning delay in the top of the seventh.

The senior realised how Clayton Kershaw felt the other night when he was pulled after seven perfect innings.

Yikes, he said with a laugh. "A little bit"

Dziubek, who balanced the leg of a folding chair on his chin during a rain delay contest of can-you-top-this with the Ravens, scored the match in the seventh. Steinert (7-1) scored his only run in the second on his RBI single.

Rivera said, "I couldn't have made it back out." "That's just too bad for the arm. I was a little disappointed but I have trust in the other pitchers. Matt was phenomenal in that last inning, so you have to give it up for him."

On Monday, Steinert beat Hightstown's Aaron Winzinger and on Wednesday topped Hamilton's Dylan Parsons, two of the Colonial Valley Conference's top hurlers. The Ravens sent out sophomore stud Billings, who has already been verballed to Wake Forest.

"You want to go against pitchers like that," Rivera said. "They are a really good team, we just come every day to play to win."

Brian "The Chef" Giallella, who plays Steinert, is happy to play with talented opposing arms.

Its a testament that were going to get the best guys, and its also a challenge for our team, said the narrator. Its something that we obviously need because were going to play the best teams out of the conference, and we have a great conference. Im happy with that if we are going to see number one.

Especially when his guys are throwing no-hitters.

"They really pounded the area," Giallella said. "It really was impressive. We had to go into the rain delay, and he didn't get a chance to finish it. But I'll take a combined no-hitter."

Dziubek made sure to finish the campaign with a flair of three straight Ks.

It was Matt's side day to get ready for Saturday, Giallella said. We said, You have to wait (during the delay), you never know, and thank goodness we did, because evident he got a chance to come in and finish the day.

When Dylan Pope took a leadoff walk, Nodeland threw an RBI single to the right. In the second inning, Steinert scored a lone run.

It just felt great to put the ball in play, and I just found a hole there, said the leftfielder. I usually try not to fall behind on the count.

The senior said, "My definition of a pitcher is a pitcher." I'll go up there and swing the bat.

In the eight hole, he is well swinging it.

We ask him to do the basic things, which means get on base, and put the ball in play because his speed is an asset to us, and he has done it, Giallella said. We know he can play defense, we know he can run, but right now, putting the ball in play for us is such a bonus and is something we really need.

After Nodeland's heavy defeat, Steinert still had runners on first-and-third with one out but did not score when a bunt that was not called for by the coach resulted in a force at home. In the third inning, Steinert got a runner to third with one out but he did not tag on a fairly deep fly ball despite Giallella's urge.

We would have made a couple more runs if we didn't have some mental errors, Giallella said. On a day that we did (have errors) we had our greatest two going.

Rivera struck out the side twice and was constantly increasing ahead of the Ravens by utilizing what he called a "untilly array of pitches."

I was just locating well and first-pitch strikes really helped, the right-hander said. You throw a first-pitch strike to every guy, and you're gonna get things going your way.

"Noah was phenomenal," Nodeland said. "And Dube came in and after an hour wait he strikes out the side. It was unbelievable."

Thunder struck just as the 30 minutes elapsed, resulting in another half-hour delay. Robbinsville was given the opportunity to try and come back.

"When we had the rain delay I'm like, "It's really a one-inning game right now, so we gotta make sure we go out and win this inning," Nodeland said. "Any time they could strike, you just gotta stay focused."

Niko Johnston put the Billings on the pitch after six innings while improving. He scored seven hits and a walk, but he knocked out seven Spartan runners to keep his team going.

During the delay, coach Mike Kinsella said, "Luke is always going to fight." "I was gonna pull him an inning early and he told me 'I want one more." That's exactly who Luke is. He's just a competitor.

"He's always learning as a pitcher. He's been working on small things and now he's got a better breaking ball and he's only a sophomore. He just works his butt off. He's just gotta get in a rhythm and get a little more economical for his success."

To get a taste of rivera and Dziubek, he threw a total of 87 pitches.

Kinsella said that "the kid (Rivera) threw strikes. "That's what we learned."

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