The next three days, strong storms will be possible in Alabama

The next three days, strong storms will be possible in Alabama ...

Over the Easter weekend, it might be wreaky.

Today, the storm forecasts a small risk of severe weather in several areas of Alabama (really tonight), Saturday and Sunday.

Storms might begin during the overnight hours tonight and last from day one until Sunday.

Winds and hail are the main concerns, but a tornado isn't allowed to happen, especially in southwest Alabama.

Tonight, a cold front will flee into the state from the north and southward on Saturday. It will strike some out over South or south-central Alabama and is expected to set off more storms on Sunday.

The first half of next week will see stormy weather, and there is no severe weather forecast for Sunday.

Here's what you should expect:


The weather in Alabama's dark green areas will be at a level 1 out of 5 level, mostly late tonight and into Saturday morning. High Level 1 risk means isolated severe storms will be possible. More storms are in the forecast both Saturday and Saturday.

According to the National Weather Service, a line of strong to severe storms is expected to travel into Alabama from the north late tonight or early Saturday morning. Winds, heavy rain, and hail are among the most prevalent threats.

Storms are expected to be a bit swift, but one to two inches of rain will be needed in some areas.

On Saturday, the storms will travel southward through the day.


On Saturday, severe storms will happen again across a large portion of Alabama. The areas in dark green have a Level 1 out of 5 or a risk of severe weather.

On Saturday, storms will continue to fall southward through central and south Alabama.

According to the weather ministry, winds may reach 60 mph, and heavy rain and hail will be possible with stronger storms.

Rain rates in Alabama will fall by Saturday evening in the northern half, although rain may continue across South Alabama.


On Sunday, the risk of severe storms might decrease slightly. The areas in yellow have a Level 2 or slight risk of severe weather. This means scattered severe storms will be possible in the areas in dark green.

On Sunday, the front is expected to stall over South Alabama, and it might be the focus for additional rain and storms across the country.

On Sundays, the equities will rise again, especially Sunday afternoon and evening.

Strong storms will be possible, and a tornado will not be ruled out in south Alabama, according to the weather service.

Rain showers may occur in North and South Central Alabama, but severe weather isn't anticipated.

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