Kenny Pickett of Pitt is the only public receiver who will be eligible for a pre-draft visit with the Detroit Lions

Kenny Pickett of Pitt is the only public receiver who will be eligible for a pre-draft visit with th ...

ALLEN PARK -- The Detroit Lions continue to say they like Jared Goff. Of course, the Detroit Lions also continue to say they like some of the top quarterbacks in this draft, which is something most teams don't say when they actually like their quarterback.

The Lions are bringing one player to town.

According to the NFL Network, Pitt's Kenny Pickett will be on the lookout for a pre-draft trip to Allen Park next week. He'll include guys like Cincinnati cornerback, Notre Dame safety, Oregon pass rusher, Georgia defensive lineman, Missouri State defensive lineman, Oklahoma linebacker, LSU cornerback, Georgia linebacker, Illinois safety, and Oklahoma safety.

There may be no quarterbacks, as you may have noticed.

Pickett is only one thing.

The Lions also got to work with two other first-round quarterback prospects at the Senior Bowl, with Malik Willis and Desmond Ridder both assigned to their team in Mobile. Willis is a bit of a project and may need a full season to adapt to the NFL game, but in a year where the quarterback class does not have the most advanced arm and fastest wheels possible, Willis is capable of making him QB1.

Which is relevant for the Lions, who are now the No. 2 player and continue to obscen about their long-term plans at quarterback.

I mean, look, I think it may feel that way, Dan Campbell said last week. Now, (general manager Brad Holmes) has got to look at it a little bit farther off than I am, but right now, what gives us the best chance? So, yeah, we do it. So, right now, man, what is best for us right now? Is it this year? And then, the right guy is sitting there, then you figure out a way when it's the right guy.

The Lions are like Goff. But the moment someone better comes along, they're ready to pull the trigger. Which is how the game works at every position, certainly, but you just don't usually hear teams talk like that when they've truly committed to a quarterback for the long term.

Because, some think the Lions might be in touch for a guy like Willis, and perhaps even at No. 2, because he is the one quarterback prospect with enough potential to make him something superior than Detroit's. Jared Goff has proven that he is the only quarterback prospect in the league.

If your comp or your greatest upside for the player is Jared Goff, you have already got him, so don't waste a decision, says an NFL Network analyst. Daniel Jeremiah. That's why I think Malik Willis might potentially give you a little something different, and if everything works together, he might give you a little bit more. This is the one that I would keep an eye on.

Pickett, on the other hand, is considered more of a Jared Goff-like quarterback. He has a decent arm and a lot of experience, which might make him the most pro-ready quarterback in his class. He threw for 12,303 yards in 52 games at Pitt, had 81 touchdown passes, and had a passer rating of 136.3. After picking him up for another season, he made a big jump. He scored 42 TDs and just seven picks in 2021, who was the

He's a smart, experienced, capable quarterback and is believed to be the quarterback's closest competitor who is quick to assist a team.

"I think being able to win is crucial," Pickett said at the combine. "That's the number one thing at this position. And all my dedication over the years culminated in that last season. It wasn't an overnight thing. I didn't wake up and all all that fell into my lap. We went out there and had the season we all expected to have."

Pickett doesn't have Willis' arm, but he's certainly not capable of raising his legs. But many experts argue that while he's more willing to contribute than Willis, he also doesn't have the same ceiling. And with a guy like Goff already on the team, who might not have the best arm or fastest wheels, but is adept at winning, and should be surrounded with talent.

During the Senior Bowl week, the Lions got a good look at Pickett, but now they're interested in getting a better look before setting their board. There's also no need for Pickett to be a target. There are a lot of reasons for such a visit, not the least of which is getting the chance to converse with potential future opponents.

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