Brad Holmes, the Lions' GM, credits the team's commitment to diversity and talks on the NFL draft on the former NFL GM's podcast

Brad Holmes, the Lions' GM, credits the team's commitment to diversity and talks on the NFL draft on ...

Brad Holmes, the general manager for the Detroit Lions, covered a broad spectrum of topics on Thomas Dimitroff's new podcast.

On the inside of the game, Holmes talked about Detroit's diversity and inclusion initiatives, not to mention how he feels about it on a league-wide level. Dimitroff recently launched a podcast that will include interviews with 14 NFL general managers, giving a rudder at those who call the shots around the league. He's already featured Eric DeCosta (Ravens), Mickey Loomis (Saints), and Jason Licht (Bucs).

When Holmes was asked about the atmosphere in Detroit, the subject of diversity and inclusion, the first-year general manager did not hold back in praised team owner Sheila Hamp's dedication to improving diversity and inclusion in Allen Park.

From the Lions' perspective, that is likely numero uno, on the top of in terms of culture and diversity, that is huge on the list from the top down, Holmes said. Sheila is huge on inclusion and diversity. It's one of her number one projects. We have a culture taskforce in place, which is responsible for all of that work being done. I was very pleased that they offered the opportunity to a wide spectrum of applicants. I don't take that lightly.

NFL has been chastised this offseason for allegedly racial discrimination in its hiring process. Brian Flores, a former quarterback for the NFL, was joined in the lawsuit by Steve Wilks and longtime league assistant Ray Horton in the initial aftermath of the lawsuit. Teryl Austin, a former NFL defensive coordinator, claimed the team of using him to comply with the Rooney Rule in 2017.

When recalled from playing in the NFL in the 1970s, Holmes went a little deeper. His father, Melvin Holmes, was an offensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers for three seasons.

"It wasn't in voug to have blacks on the offensive line at quarterback," he told Dimitroff. "And then he's telling me that at a young age, you kind of see where we're at," he said. "It's a shame that we're at level 2 because we're at.

"And I think back to what my dad was telling me when I was a young kid just started playing Pop Warner Football. But I do think that we're making progress. It's a little bit slow. I do believe there's progress being made."

Dimitroff served as a general manager in Atlanta from 2008 to 2020. He worked as a scout with the Lions from 1994 to 1997. Subscribe to "The GM Journey" today.

The Lions general manager wasn't giving out secrets, but he did also share two books he's been reading by author Annie Duke in the works. Holmes also recalled lessons from Rams general manager Les Snead while looking at his first draft in the big chair around this time last year.

I liked Annie Duke's other book Thinking in Bets, Holmes said. She had a section about when you're trying to make a decision and had two options that are very, very close. Sometimes that makes you think that it makes a decision difficult. Take time out. It should actually speed up the process to make (a) decision.

"It brings me back to Draft Day. I was ecstatic to land Penei, but if Penei wasn't there, it would have been a difficult decision on a team of players. I think about Les Snead, who once spoke, stating that it wasn't hard to think about. It's like, well, do you want to visit Paris or do you want to visit Grand Cayman? It's not easy to get upset with either one, but it'

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