Michigan LB Kalel Mullings is set to play a two-way role this fall because to Jim Harbaugh's secret

Michigan LB Kalel Mullings is set to play a two-way role this fall because to Jim Harbaugh's secret ...

ANN ARBOR, Mich. Jim Harbaugh has been in experimentation mode this offseason, moving select Michigan football players from one side of the ball to the other in order to increase the amount of playing time.

Mike Sainristil, the receiver-turned-defensive back, who has been splitting his time on both sides. During Michigan's spring game earlier this month, Sainristil indicated that he might be in the mix for snaps both ways this autumn.

Harbaugh isn't the only player who isn't, according to the truth.

I left the cat out of the bag, Harbaugh said of this week on the In the Trenches podcast. Hes now a two-way player.

Mullings was probably the surprise player of the spring game, winning four carries into 36 yards for the Maize team, despite the damage wrought by a good 21-yard pick down the sideline.

The third time the Mullings had any significant impact on a game since Michigan's victory in the bottom-four. They accounted for six tackles for a career-high six. He was largely delegated to backup linebacker and special teams duties before.


"He looked really good," Harbaugh said. "And he showed him in practice. It's possible that Kalel Mullings might be the guy who replaces a lot of Hassan Haskins' plays.

Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards are the Wolverines' "two top guys" at running back. Both have a unique skill (Corum on the outside, Edwards in the passing game), and there's conceivable that someone may claim carries in short-yard situations.

Mullings, a Massachusetts native who was recruited to Michigan as an outside linebacker, is apparently in the mix for those who follow them.

"I'm going to take any deep, long bows for that," Harbaugh said. "(Kalel) was really an offensive player when he was in high school, and his arrow was way up at linebacker now. He's got the willingness, and he's got the skill to play a two-way game."

Speaking of running back, Jim Harbaugh said he's also testing with receiver A.J. Henning on running back.

He's got the knowledge to do it, Harbaugh said. I kind of envision a Deebo (Samuel) type of role for A.J. Henning.

Harbaugh described this as a way "to get him more touches" and "get him the ball more."

"It will be beneficial for our football team," says the coach.

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