The $800k Virginia house for sale has squatters in the basement

The $800k Virginia house for sale has squatters in the basement ...

Every new owner wants it (kidding).

A house on sale in Virginia has a basement that includes a person, perhaps more.

The five-bedroom home in Fairfax might be attractive on the surface to many individuals looking for housing: There is a Trader Joe's nearby, a ditto for Home Depot, and it is only listed at $800,000, while other homes in the area usually fetch $1 million.

The ointment for a teeny fly (or two) is a mystery: firstly, the person.

Obviously, there may be several individuals involved in this house's sale, each of whom will not even be paying for the rent.

"CASH OFFERS ONLY NO ACCESS to see lower level and Home [sic] sold AS IS ONLY with acknowledgment that who will convey with a person(s) living in lower level with no lease in place," says the owner.

How these squatters are perceived as individuals who had been initially hired to clean the house, which is currently owned by an elderly individual who, unfortunately, has trouble maintaining health, and simply never left the house.

The same Axios D.C. article explains that the house is a DIY project, as it has three broken toilets among other issues.

Inventory is so low people are willing to do just about anything at this stage, Zinta Rodgers-Rickert, the Red Truck Realty Group at the RE/MAX Gateway, tells Axios.

And thus, a summary of where the housing market in 2022 is.

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