After Eintracht fans invaded Camp Nou, Barca president Laporta was 'embarrassed.'

After Eintracht fans invaded Camp Nou, Barca president Laporta was 'embarrassed.' ...

Barcelona President Joan Laporta described himself as "embarrassed and harmed" after a reported 30,000 Eintracht Frankfurt supporters arrived for the Europa League quarter-finals on April 15th, despite their absence.

The Germans forced Barca to a halt to the competition, after Filip Kostic scored twice in a 3-2 victory that saw Eintracht advance 4-3 on aggregate.

While Barca were expecting tremendous support at the stadium, ESPN reported that there were around 30,000 Eintracht supporters among the 79,468 crowd.

"Frankly what happened today makes me feel ashamed and ashamed," Laporta told Barca TV.

"I'm really sorry for what has happened."

"What we can avoid are certain situations, but as of now, we will have to be much more strict. We cannot allow these situations to occur."

Coach Xavi Hernandez described the situation as a "miscalculation" and said it did not aid his side, who won their first defeat in 16 matches in all competitions.

"I've tried to assure the players that the essential thing is what happens on the pitch, but logically this might have had an impact," Xavi said of a press conference.

"We've tried to focus on the game but we haven't been successful." It has nothing to do with one thing and the other. It's not an excuse," he added.

"It hasn't helped us, but on the pitch, we haven't been good, and we haven't competed."

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