In the post-Bo Melton era, Shameen Jones adds a steady veteran presence to the Rutgers' wide receivers unit

In the post-Bo Melton era, Shameen Jones adds a steady veteran presence to the Rutgers' wide receive ...

In a wide receivers room, there is a lot of diversity.

The two new faces in acclimating to the program are players, one who has overcome a dismal injury in and one who continues to play for this fall. As the Scarlet Knights reach the end of spring camp, there is the effort to combine the position together, hoping to find additional production.

Shameen Jones, a steady veteran player, is playing like he has something to prove in his final spring camp.

"He's been great," Shaw said of Jones. "You look at him out in practice, you don't think you see a guy who has been playing football for as long as he has. He comes out with a great approach, a great attitude keen to learn. He's throwing his punch around in the pass game and the run game. He's constantly treating himself as if this is his first day, and he's always giving him the benefit. "I'm extremely pleased with his improvement and

Given his ability, Jones is in position to take over as the Scarlet Knights' leading receiver this season.

In each of his previous two seasons, Jones ranked second behind Melton in receiving yards and receptions, although his scoring performance varied dramatically. After grabbing three of his four career touchdown passes in a, Jones was not able to score one, the latest turning in for the Cardinal Hayes product.

He is planning a repeat of his 2020 output, his last year of college football. However, Jones hasn't made any predictions about whether he'll do so as the Scarlet Knights' top receiver.

Well see what happens if we dont expect it Jones said. Everybody is working to make a spot. Its a competition no matter what, so when the first game comes, well see what happens.

Jones' adventure would be an appropriate route. In a roller-coaster career, it would be ideal.

After an ACL tear impacted Jones' senior year in high school, Jones left all 12 games with seven starts as a sophomore in 2018, making 15 catches for 155 yards and a touchdown. This year, Jones was a non-factor in a chaotic campaign in which the head coach who led the game.

Jones made a comeback during his first season as head coach, had a breakout campaign in 2020, then took a dip in production in 2021, and now has the opportunity to become his team's next receiver.

However, the division itself works out, ob he is the top wideout on the team or not, and Jones is optimistic that the room will be in good hands.

It's amazing. We're getting some better, Jones said. Guys are working, coming together well. I think we're doing a lot better than we were last season, so it's also good. [...] The new guys, they fit in well with the team. Most of them, we know before they arrived. Me as a leader, I was always there to push people along, so it's been a good process.

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