A private N.J. golf club has filed a lawsuit alleging unfair 'bag fee' income

A private N.J. golf club has filed a lawsuit alleging unfair 'bag fee' income ...

Four golfers at the prestigious Montclair Golf Club in West Orange have filed a class action lawsuit, alleging that they have been forced to work long hours for little pay, no overtime, and are performing job duties outside their realm.

The complaint, filed on April 6 in the Superior Court of Essex County, alleges that golfers at the club work an average of 10 hours per day, six to seven days a week during peak season, and depend on $60 fees and tips paid by them. At the end of the day, golfers often don't even pay a minimum wage.

According to the complaint, the Montclair Golf Club has charged its golfers an initiation fee of $40,000 to $70,000 per year, based on membership fees. It has 300 members, according to the complaint.

Caddies are sometimes required to clean bathrooms and bring drinks to golfers, according to the lawsuit, based on duties for which they are not compensated and that they are not in their job description.

The Montclair Golf Club sets a fee per golf bag, and the caddies, who also receive golfers advice, are not permitted to speak with golfers, according to the lawsuit.

The bag fee for golf clubs increased from $45 to $60 in 2016. "The bag fees and tips are golf caddies' sole compensation," the suit says. "When it hosts tournaments or company outings, MGC pays the golf bag fee and tip directly to the golf caddies, usually between $100 and $200."

Caddies are employed at the club from March to November. Peak season for the club is between May and November, according to the suit. At any time, 75 to 150 individuals are employed, according to the lawsuit.

Golfers may be required to work overtime because a golf round may last for up to five hours, or they may be forced to wait for an assignment without receiving any compensation if there is no golfers, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the Montclair Golf Club is in violation of New Jersey's wage and hour laws by refusing to pay a minimum wage.

The caddies are attempting to recover unpaid wages and other expenses.

Thursday, the administration of the Montclair Golf Club requested no response to a voicemail and email, requesting any further information.

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