Kay Ivey, star of 'High-stepper,' has gone off the ground

Kay Ivey, star of 'High-stepper,' has gone off the ground ...

This is a narrative about opinion.

And now, a brief history of Kay Ivey's recent campaign advertisements. What the hell is the governor's reasoning? Spoiler alert: Not much.

In her first campaign for governor of Alabama, she sat down for a while before delivering the money shot: "Bless his heart." Minimalist. Goofy. No issues are addressed. Is it ok to use incumbents' office as a political prop?




Several goobers at a shooting range are lauding Ivey for protecting them from CRT while the governor blasts away at a target. Minimalist. No real problems. Goofy. Guns, guns.

On this topic, I'll post it to myself. Check out his report:

I'm not sure where Kay Ivey is coming up in the polls, but she's certain that she's as hell adamantly losing. Just look at her ad campaigns.

After Ivey received a false claim that she had worn blackface once, she promised to do better. But now, she says she has "banned" CRT when she's done no such thing, signs bathroom restrictions and "don't say gay" legislation into law, and her latest ad on immigrants, called "No Way, Jose," is so horrifying.

If Ivey becomes a racial than her previous ad, she will need another coat of shoes.

... Ivey is on television throughout Alabama, accusing Joe Biden and others of committing the greatest election fraud in American history.

"The bad news, the big tech, and blue-state liberals stole the election from President Trump, but here in Alabama, we are making sure that never happens," Ivey said in her ad.

The timing says a lot. Ivey hasn't had much to say about the 2020 election, but with weeks left before the GOP primary, the governor has decided to take on it.

The situation is unanswered, and it is dangerous.

After a year and a half of searching,. Even partisan "audits" of swing state elections.

Despite all this, Ivey is on television saying the election was fraudulent, and that she can, by doing so, lends legitimacy to those who stormed the Capitol last year.

It's one thing for nuts to get their news from Q-anon message boards. But if you're sitting on the TV watching Wheel of Fortune and the governor of Alabama tells you that our government has been stolen from the people, then people should be able to take that seriously.

Why is she still saying that?

Ivey isn't trying to persuade Alabamians to believe the Big Lie. She's attempting to persuade Republican primary voters that she believes the Big Lie.

And that's the worst thing.

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