A west Michigan man has created a website for regional mental health clinics

A west Michigan man has created a website for regional mental health clinics ...

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Austin Metz had an idea for a one-stop shop for all-natural mental health for residents of West Michigan, which came out of necessity.

Metz, the founder of West Michigan Mental Health LLC, recently created the website. After receiving the idea in November 2021, he decided to take on a new therapist and educational resources for obsessive compulsive disorder.

According to a press release, the website includes educational resources and a growing county-by-county directory of profiles that contain information about local mental health organizations.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a person might seek assistance for OCD, a pattern of unanswered thoughts and anxieties (obsessions) that leads you to do repetitive activities.

"I realized there had to be a better way to apply credible information as a person who personally spent several hours searching the internet for trustworthy mental health information and a psychiatrist who specializes in OCD," Metz said in a prepared statement. "I am using all of my previous degrees and experiences and putting it all into one thing that I have passion."

Metz, 33, of Grand Rapids, has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Grand Valley State University and a bachelor's degree in web development from Grand Rapids Community College, according to the release.

The website, according to him, is a tool to connect local mental health patients with the vast amount of resources available in the counties of Kent, Ottawa, Muskegon, Allegan, Ionia, Barry, and Muskegon.

There is currently information for eight resources listed under Kent County, including Arbor Circle, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan, and the Anxiety Resource Center.

I have had nothing but positive feedback, said Metz, about his collaboration with organizations. A lot of these organizations are busy working on the proper run and juggling all kinds of things. It gives them a place in which they can guide people to obtain information.

Metz has taught at university and is working to develop. He said he often felt a need to assist other people, especially when many cannot afford to meet face-to-face during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Metz said by January 2021 that he planned to build the website on his own, and that he has since begun writing surveys to local organizations and gaining their feedback.

According to Metz, the website continues to expand and is now accepting submissions from local organizations to become a listed resource on the website.

A submission form for mental health professionals is available on the website, according to Metz.

The structure is all there, and people may go to the website as soon as possible if they wanted, Metz said. There is a navigation bar, and I shared my personal story as the first blog post to get that started. I am constantly updating it and building it.

According to Metz, he intends to complete the local resources page by May 1st and the therapist directory by July 1.

Residents may post updates on the website on. Organizations interested in being included to the website can contact information via, or by sending a message on Facebook.

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