Molly Shannon claims she must fling a'relentless' Gary Coleman off her

Molly Shannon claims she must fling a'relentless' Gary Coleman off her ...

Molly Shannon, a former "Saturday Night Live" comic, recalls meeting child actor Gary Coleman early in her career, and having to "fling" him off.

According to Shannon, their mutual agent introduced her to the late "Diff'rent Strokes" star and was so excited to be introduced to the star of the famous movie.

"He held my hand and I, as like, he's so cute and he had a suit on him," she said of Tuesday's "The Howard Stern Show."

Coleman was ranked first on a list of VH1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars" and developed a condition known as focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, an autoimmune disease. As a result, Coleman stopped growing at a height of 4-foot-8. In 2010, he died.

Shannon, 57, did not say when she met him. According to the Shaker, Ohio, native, she was introduced to Coleman in a hotel where Coleman had a luxury suite.

Shannon said she was a virgin at the time and hadn't crossed her mind about Coleman's sexuality.

According to Shannon, she, Coleman, and their agent all retreated to the same room, then their agent disappeared.

According to Shannon, Coleman sat next to her on a bed and started tickling, then grinning her.

He was impeccably shy, she said. Then he was attempting to kiss me and get on top of me, and I was like, You know Gary, stop, and I was pushed off.

According to Shannon, she recalls a surreal situation that included seeing Coleman's dialysis machine in the room. What Coleman lacked in height, he made up for in perseverance.

"I was like, 'No, Gary, stop." "So, I push him off. Then, I'd get off the bed. Then, he'll bounce on the bed."

According to Shannon, Coleman was jumping on the mattress while trying to wrap herself around her.

I would fling him off, and then he got on top of me, she said. I guess because of his size, I didn't feel physically threatened. But... it was going on and on.

Shannon said she had been staying with their agent for a while.

"I was really absorbing out of breath, because it was athletic and aerobic," she tells Stern.

Shannon said she tried escaping into the bathroom in the hotel room with Coleman clinging onto her ankles. After she came out, he allegedly slammed his hands under the door and said, "I can see you, silly Billy."

Shannon wrote about the incident in her new memoir, "Hello, Molly." She tells Stern she was going out of the hotel unharmed, but told her agent to keep an eye on Coleman.

After his star retaliates, Coleman went to work as a security guard. In 1998, he was accused of assaulting a female fan who he was involved in a confrontation while working a job. A year later, he filed for bankruptcy.

Coleman had future run-ins with the law before dying from a head injury in 2010.

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