A Chick-fil-A Favorite Item Inspired by a New Burger King Menu

A Chick-fil-A Favorite Item Inspired by a New Burger King Menu ...

In the endless flow of inventing new fast food items to lure customers, brands are always striving to make people hungry.

For some, this means that putting a burger with so many ingredients that fitting it into one's mouth would pose a real challenge for the average person.

This was Restaurant Brand International's () - approach with Burger King's, which consisted of a massive pound of meat across four patties and dripped with so much Gouda cheese, which heaved a slew of snow.

Others prefer to keep their focus on value. Wendy's () - makes its offerings fairly simple, but its recent will likely attract customers with low lunches. It's a loss leader, though, but one that many fast food restaurants return to again and again.

This time around, Burger King is likely to aim somewhere in the middle, adding a bit of social media-inspired wordage to its latest limited-edition hamburger. However, before you get to social media to post a photo of your lunch, you'll need to eat the hashtag.

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What is Burger King's Newest Sandwich?

A juicy burger is one of the things that is admired in many countries around the globe, and Thailand is not the exception.

Burger King Thailand's most recent limited-edition sandwich takes it a step further, though, by adding a crispy new layer to the burger, one made of waffle fries.

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Burger King Thailand

Since they were the most popular menu items in the last year, fryers cut like waffles bring Chick-fil-A to mind. It appears like Burger King's is ready to offer them some try.

For this promotion, they are referred to as "hashtag fries," which is a bit of a stretch, but it's doubtful that anyone will be able to complain while wolfing them down.

The burger can be customized to include more meat, cheese, and bacon if you so desire, making it a more crazier carb bomb than it already is.

The as-is version will be available for 119 Baht ($3.54 U.S.) while you can get it as a meal with the Hashtag Fries and a 16 ounce Coke () for 199 Baht ($5.90 U.S.

A Winning Combin of Personalization and Loyalty

While the Hashtag Burger and matching fries are a great way to catch a customer, QSR really wants to keep up with its international business, which has doubled in size since 2012.

Josh Cil, the Chief Executive Officer of the RBI, highlighted the importance of the market in the company's Q3 earnings call, describing it as "a bright spot for the BURGER KING brand and a vital driver of our long-term growth."

QSR is in a position where deepening and personalizing the customer experience is crucial. With the Hashtag Burger, as well as its commitment to ordering in the app, it tries to appeal to a social media knowledgeable audience.

"Digital remains a huge challenge for the BK System," Cil said. "We've already started to implement the app, obviously, the app has been in place for a while, and Royal Perks insists on loyalty, the ability to customize offers, and drive behavior with our CRM and outdoor digital menu boards, making the experience in the drive-thru much more digital and much more personalized."

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