Florence advances to the Bells quarter-finals after a mid-year cut. Protests are wowed

Florence advances to the Bells quarter-finals after a mid-year cut. Protests are wowed ...

On Friday, Hawaii's two-time world champion John John Florence scored the highest score of the day to go into the quarter-finals of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, following a fresh mid-season drop. Various internet users have sparked outrage.

Bells, professional surfing' longest-running competition now in its 59th year, enjoyed some classic conditions with long, clean waves, allowing surfers to showcase a wide variety of powerful turns and explosive hits.

For the second day running, none of them did the same as Florence, a recent winner at the famous right-hand penalty penalty in Victoria, Australia.

Florence scored 17.77 out of 20 to defeat Australian Morgan Cibilic in the round of 16, following a massive 18.86 heat score on Thursday.

"We had a couple of hots where he kinda smoked me, so that was good to beat Morgan," Florence said.

"The last two days have been somewhat as effective as you can imagine Bells being - the size, the wind, everything, and everything, it's incredible."

Tyler Wright is preparing to defeat after two excellent scoring chances in her quarter-final victory against countrywoman Bronte Macaulay on the women's side of the match.

Carissa Moore, Hawaii's world and Olympic winner, gained the advantage of Australian Stephanie Gilmore in their quarter-final, while Brisa Hennessy, who is currently leading the country, defended against France's Johanne Defay.

The water was filled with laughter as more than two dozen surfers signed a letter urging the organisational organization World Surf League to reconsider a mid-year cut that will cut the men's and women's fields in the final five events.

The decrease is part of a tumultuous shifts which have been made in the last two years in order to streamline the tour and get the most surfers to join the group more often in the best conditions.

Many surfers were rethinking their support for the changes with the forecast of a cut. After the next contest at Margaret River in Western Australia later this month, the cut is expected.

"I want to be very clear that it is unimagine that we could, should or would eliminate the mid-season cut, which is the foundation of our redesigned Championship Tour," said WSL CEO Erik Logan in a written response to surfers seen by Reuters.

"Eliminating the mid-season cut would, at this time, put the WSL in violation of several important contracts, jeopardize relations with sponsors and government partners, and put several events at danger of being closed," Logan said of posing a meeting with surfers.

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