China has released a jailed Taiwanese activist and allows him to return

China has released a jailed Taiwanese activist and allows him to return ...

TAIPEI, April 15 (Reuters) - A Taiwanese activist who was jailed in China returned to Taiwan on Friday after finishing a five-year sentence.

While he was en route to China, Li Ming-che, a community college lecturer and activist for a human rights non-governmental organization in Taiwan, was found dead in 2017.

In a trial in which his wife described him as unlawful, a Chinese court found him guilty of subversion, claiming that she had not been permitted to hire lawyers for her husband.

Li has arrived at Taiwan's main international airport in Taoyuan, and will be quarantined with government approval, according to a group of Taiwanese human rights organizations.

Li's sentence has been announced by China's Taiwan Affairs Office this week, and he will be returned to Taiwan.

During his trial, Li admitted to having criticised China's ruling Communist Party and to having shared views and arguments in favor of Taiwan's multi-party democracy.

Taiwan maintains that it is a part of China and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control, while democratic Taiwan has shown no interest in being governed by the Communist Party rulers in Beijing.

The Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan said it was delighted to hear Li return.

"The government believes there is no crime in the dissemination of democratic ideals," the council said.

Peng Yuhua, a 37-year-old Chinese national, confessed to the establishment of instant messaging groups and the establishment of a business that sought to spur political change in China.

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