Shanghai's quarantined COVID cases are being hampered by camping beds and bread

Shanghai's quarantined COVID cases are being hampered by camping beds and bread ...

SHANGHAI, April 14 (Reuters) - People at a quarantine facility in Shanghai tested positive for COVID-19 lie in rows of grey camp beds, suitcases, and other items.

A video released on Thursday by an owner of the facility showed more than 100 people climbing on a floor of what appeared to be a office building, one of the dozens of sites the city has since gone into quarantine centers in its fight to eradicate the spread of the Omicron coronavirus strain.

"This center is so crowded, and everyone is less than a metre apart," a woman, aged over 60, who filmed and posted the footage to Reuters.

At least 200 people were at the facility, including young children, sharing four toilets, according to the woman who declined to be identified. There are no showers, and they received just plain bread for breakfast.

"How is this work? "

The video depicted people sitting outside the hours playing on their mobile phones or conversing.

Everyone who tests positive must quarantine under China's zero-COVID policy.

During the global epidemic, President Xi Jinping insists that China adheres to the policy, which is called "dynamic COVID clearance" and that while the country's global epidemic remains so severe, he assures those persistent lockdowns that persistence will prevail in the end.

The proposal consists of transformating schools, recently completed apartment blocks, and exhibition halls into quarantine centres, the largest of which can accommodate 50,000 people.

Authorities said they had constructed more than 60 structures last week.

The conditions are widening, but some have drawn criticism from the public.

The Shanghai government has sent Reuters to a transcript of a news conference on April 8 in which a city official said isolation sites were established according to government guidelines. It said it was unaware of the facility in the video and was looking.

Authorities have not provided details on the number of persons in quarantine, but the city has reported more than 280,000 COVID infections since March.

While state media shows hospitals with two or three patients per room, people who arrive at Shanghai's exhibition centres live parallel to thousands of people, without walls or showers, and with ceiling lights on around the clock.

Video clips on social media have shown a dark factory with camp beds installed and a website made out of shipping containers. Reuters verified the factory video but not the containers.

People must produce two consecutive negative PCR tests to get out of quarantine.

The woman who provided the video stated that she had been relocated there from a hotel facility with improved conditions, which she had been staying for about 20 days.

She had once tested negative, but now she feared she might become infected again.

"There are people here who are positive, who are coughing and running fevers," she said. "How can you combine the positive and negatives?"

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