Homeless people should seek out inspiration for improving their lives by looking at...Hitler, according to a GOP legislator

Homeless people should seek out inspiration for improving their lives by looking at...Hitler, accord ...

Most Republican groups have moved in and direction for a while now, but they though know to stop at Hitler. On Thursday, Frank S. Niceley, an obscure Tennessee politician who on Thursday accused the government of retaliating for seeking inspiration from the Third Reich's chief architect.

The Tennessee Senate spent a portion of the day debating a bill that would consider camping on public property as a misdemeanor. Niceley, a Republican member of the state Senate, was supportive of the bill. He wasn't intimidated by people who were not homeless. He offered a certain historical figure as an idol that would aid them in not only seek shelter but also compose history books.

Senator Says Hitler made something of himself after being homeless & you can also. I'm going to have to apologize to the universe for this guy. Hey, not a single day passes without TN GOP being harmed the hell out of our state.

Rep. Gloria Johnson (@VoteGloriaJ)

"I haven't given you all a history lesson in awhile," Niceley said of the state Senate floor. "[In] 1910, Hitler decided to live on the streets and practiced his oratory, his body language, and how to communicate with citizens before continuing to live his life. "It's been a pleasure to pass on his life since he was introduced to the history books."

It was a, shall we say, extraordinary lesson to take from the life and career of the most famous boogeyman in the 20th century. However, that didn't hinder him from trying to discover a silver lining in the life of the person who helped with the Holocaust.

It's not a dead end, Niceley counseled those without shelter. They can come out of these homeless shelters and have a productive life or in Hitler's case, a very unproductive life.

Adolf Hitler was certainly capable of living a very productive life until his death by his suicide in a bunker as the Allies closed in. Perhaps Niceley, despite professing his historian bona fides, shouldn't leave his day job.

Did Niceley's colleagues know they should not align themselves with a guy who holds up Hitler as a role model to the homeless? Of course, the measure was passed from 22 to 10.


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