Freelancers and Gig Workers, Look Here to the Best Self-Employed Tax Software in 2022

Freelancers and Gig Workers, Look Here to the Best Self-Employed Tax Software in 2022 ...

If you're self-employed, you have to be your own boss, but you have to be your own HR and finance departments. When it comes to tax time, you're on your own. Numerous 1099-NEC forms, Schedule C, and the federal self-employment tax, are some of the most common strategies to make filing taxes a bear.

Non only are freelancers more complicated, but they also face the biggest cost implications for tax preparation. Most tax services require additional access to the required IRS forms, but additional expenses often require self-employment tax experts.

With some clarity, you may get a tax software to help file your self-employed tax return without breaking your budget. Read on to find our top picks for tax software for freelancers, gig workers, and other self-employed tax filers.

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TaxSlayer provides freelancers with all of the required IRS forms, plus extensive self-employment advice, all for a much lower price than TurboTax and H&R Block, with larger-name competitors.

TaxSlayer offers a similar service for a much higher price tag, which includes a self-employed federal and state tax return filing.

TaxSlayer's Self-Employed program includes prior phone and email assistance, live chat, and access to a tax professional with self-employed tax experience. As with similar software, TaxSlayer does not guarantee you'll speak with a CPA, but all of its experts are IRS-certified agents.

TaxSlayer has a smooth interface, solid help, live support, and a smooth process for producing all of your tax returns. It offers excellent refund guarantees, along with three years of help with audits.

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While products like TaxSlayer, H&R Block, and TurboTax will not provide the forms freelancers need without a costly upgrade, discounts like TaxAct, Cash App Taxes, and my top value choice, FreeTaxUSA, all offer forms required to pay taxes at a much lower cost.

FreeTaxUSA is totally free for federal tax returns; each state return you must file will cost $15. It utilizes a no-nonsense interview process to complete your tax returns quickly and easily, and offers live support for an additional $7.

FreeTaxUSA is the best value tax software for freelancers because it offers a wider set of IRS forms, allows multiple state returns, and features more extensive assistance and support capabilities than, according to CNET.

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TurboTax is CNET's top choice for best tax software for 2022, but you'll have to pay for the privilege of using the industry leader. The self-employed TurboTax plan starts at $89 for a federal tax return and $39 for each state return.

You may get live assistance from a tax expert for an additional $110 or pay $310 more to obtain an expert to complete your federal and state tax returns with you. TurboTax starts and mostly completes your tax return for free, unless you add additional support features while filling out your tax return.

TurboTax excels thanks to a well-rounded interface, a quick questionnaire process, and excellent tax documentation. Most particularly for freelancers with multiple income forms, you may take photographs of all of your 1099 forms for instant uploading. Many of the cheaper or free tax software products require using all of those forms by hand.

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If you've begun your taxes with one of the above software options, and you're stuck, frustrated, or completely miserable, you may want to send your documents to a professional and allow someone else to handle your filing burden.

File Online with a Pro service from Jackson Hewitt provides a reasonable price for professional tax filing, starting at $99. You'll still need to log on and enter your personal information to begin, but you'll be assigned a tax professional who will accept your online documents, complete an initial conversation, and file your return for you.

Once your return has been completed, you'll have the opportunity to review it for accuracy before signing. While TurboTax isn't as slick or as seamless as TurboTax, the price comparison -- $438 at TurboTax vs. $99 at Jackson Hewitt -- makes Jackson Hewitt my top choice for complete online tax preparation.

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What does tax software mean?

The tax code for 2022 will include deductions and credits. The will take into account all taxes and regulations to automatically calculate your tax refund.

Tax software will either file your tax return with the IRS electronically or allow you to print your tax return for mailing. A variety of tax programs will also allow you to enter your tax information, so that the IRS may send money directly to your bank account.

Why do freelancers need to utilize tax software?

Freelancers will receive different tax forms for their income and will be required to save money throughout the year to pay taxes. In fact, most freelancers are expected to.

All freelancers are eligible for a variety of, including for, travel, and for, including for, vehicles, internet and transportation.

Working as a freelancer makes filing your tax return much simpler. High-quality tax software can explain what freelancers should do with all of their forms, and guide them through specific tax issues that arise when preparing their tax returns.

What business deductions can I claim as a freelancer?

If you're self-employed or a gig employee, you'll be entitled to deduct "mattering both ordinary and necessary" expenses relating to your work, according to the rules. An ordinary expense is one that is familiar to anyone in your industry and claimed by other self-employed tax filers. A necessary expense is one that is absolutely required to work.

Depending on your work's specifics, you may deduct all sorts of expenses. Office supplies, travel costs, software, internet service fees, vehicle expenses, insurance expenses, and advertising are among the most common business expenses for the self-employed.

Accurately organizing and reporting your business expenses is a good strategy to lower your global tax burden and increase the amount of your tax refund. However, remember to keep all of your receipts and documentation.

Is it possible to pay free taxes?

Nearly all Americans can, and some have a choice of several options. If your adjusted gross income is $73,000 or less, you may use the program.

Both will allow anyone to file a federal tax return for free. Cash App Taxes also offers one free state return, while FreeTaxUSA is $15.

Other commercial software designs and offer free versions of their software, but they are limited in scope and service. Most free versions of paid software do not include the forms that self-employed taxpayers must fill out their tax returns. The Federal Trade Commission has recently apologized for misrepresentation of its free services in its advertising.

Do freelancers need these IRS forms?

Freelancers receive IRS 1099-NEC forms that state their taxable income from various payers. Less common are 1099-MISC forms that state income as diverse as rents or attorney payments.

If you earned more than $20,000 or received more transactions from that year in 2021, you'll receive a 1099-K form. Many more freelancers may receive this form for the tax year next year, when the limit amount will be reduced to $600.

Most freelancers will need to complete IRS Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business. Self-employed workers should use this form to report their taxable income and business expenses for tax deductions.


CNET compares tax software with other firms using the software to prepare personal tax returns, examine tax products' terms and offers, communicate with software representatives to resolve questions about products, analyze feature sets and validate each software for its effectiveness in common tax situations.

We are also looking for and evaluating specific features, including file importing or photo capture of forms, number and type of available IRS forms and schedules, contextual help, desktop and phone compatibility and syncing, professional tax assistance, maximum refund and accuracy guarantees.

We focus on the number and type of IRS forms and schedules for freelance work that are included with tax software, the level of support and assistance provided to freelance tax filers, and the additional expenses that arise from self-employed tax filers.

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