5 Auburn footballers on offense who were on their first appearance during spring practice

5 Auburn footballers on offense who were on their first appearance during spring practice ...

Bryan Harsin, Auburn's head coach, will have several decisions to make in the next few weeks, beginning with a crucial second season as the coach of the Tigers football program. Harsin and offensive coordinator Eric Kiesau will also be selected as a starting quarterback. Schmedding will also be selected.

On Friday, we'll get into the defense, but the focus is on highlighting some players who performed well during spring practice for this story. A new group of Tigers has created opportunities to play in the Southeastern Conference.

Five Tigers on offense who made significant advancements during spring football, here's a look.

Robby Ashford is a former footballer.

Ashford, a Hoover alum and Oregon transfer, won the A-Day MVP. He threw for 132 yards on 12-of-16, mostly against the Tigers' first-team defense while running the second-team offense. Ashford showed off his speed and good arm in front of fans at Jordan-Hare.

TJ Finley is expected to make his debut before the season begins today. Zach Calzada of Texas A&M has a role in, as he recovers from a shoulder injury to his non-throwing arm. However, Ashford explained why he was an extremely adept recruit and why he could win the starting QB role with his performances during the spring.

He did fantastic, Finley said of Ashford. Him using his legs will be a major factor for us this year. We might be able to get him inside and do some quarterback draws and things like that, so I cant wait to see what he will bring to the table in the fall.

Sean Jackson

Jackson is a 59 210 pounds, with a mix of speed and power that makes him a dangerous back. Auburn will have five scholarship running backs once Damari Alston arrives for fall camp. Jackson's ability to play punt and kickoff coverage might save him more time on the field, even though there is plenty of room in the running back room.

"He's been a very effective player, natural running between the tackles since day one," says running back coach Carnell Williams. "Great attitude. I am pleased for him and his family. "Let's not relax, let's continue to put in the hard work," he says. "I am thankful for him," he said.

Brandon Frazier

Frazier will not be able to snag goals with John Samuel Shenker, Landen King, Tyler Fromm, and Luke Deal on the roster. Despite his robust routes, Frazier makes catches. Auburn might be creative in finding ways to get Frazier on the field in games.

Frazier, a fellow tight end, went from a guy who is serious about some things in the offense to a very confident guy who is now working on his craft, like I said, and talking about hands, feet, just a few things and fundamentals that you need to make the move right.

Kam Stutts

If Harsin's intention of winning games with a run-first offense will work, Auburn will require a dominant offensive line. Stutts has the opportunity to provide depth at the guard positions on the o-line.

The best thing Kams done is that hes prepared. Hes transitioning from one component to another to the other, and hes doing an excellent job with that, said the offensive line coach. I think hes an example of taking what we teach, working at it in all the little segments that we have planned out, and then executing it when you get in a scrimmage setting, which is the closest thing you can get to a game. And thats what

Capers from Ze'Vian

Tar'Varish Dawson, Malcolm Johnson, Shedrick Jackson, and freshman Jay Fair all had plenty of room to thrive in the A-Day game. However, Capers had two great snags in the game. His 27-yard rebound from Ashford was a spectacular moment.

Ze Capers has come a long way from last year. He's more fit, Finley said. Like, I pushed him under my wing making sure he's doing anything, making sure hes doing it on his own. To see that 180 turnaround from him is tremendously appreciated for the whole team. I just can't wait to see what he'll bring to fall camp.

Auburn is covered by Nubyjas Wilborn for the Alabama Media Group.

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