South Alabama is attempting to blend joy and 'getting better' at the Red-Blue spring football tournament

South Alabama is attempting to blend joy and 'getting better' at the Red-Blue spring football tourna ...

Spring football games are meant to be a reward at the end of a four-week grind through practice, but they are also a final evaluation tool for a team's coaches.

Kane Wommack of South Alabama is attempting to reach an end to the two at Saturday's Red-Blue spring game at Hancock Whitney Stadium. On the one hand, he wants spectators and especially Jaguars players to play well, but he also knows the value of those players' game-like situations.

Kickoff for the Red-Blue game will be held at 10 a.m., with first-teamers going vs. first-teamers and second-teamers.

For our fans, they should be engaging, but youve also got to become a football team. So, there will be no magician that shows up or something like that. Well go offense vs. defense and well do some'move the ball' periods, so we can see how it works out. We still need to manage the amount of snaps were operating.

We'll do 1s vs. 1s and 2s vs. 2s most of the time. That's really the only fair way to do it. I know you can make one side look good with 1s vs. 2s, but that doesn't really aid your first-team teams get better. We want to go out against the best we've got on both sides of the ball.

The game will include a "red-zone lockout" period before the end, with points awarded for touchdowns and field goals, but also to the defense for preventing turnovers or three & outs. There will be plenty of room for levity, including a quarterback passing challenge and offensive and defensive linemen attempting to catch punts and kickoffs.

"This is my last one," senior linebacker A.J. DeShazor said. "So I'm just giving it all the time throughout this last week of practice leading into the spring game. Just from an effort perspective, I'm just communicating with my friends and keeping everyone on-point. Plus, the more I push them, the more it keeps me in check every day, every second of spring."

Just as the quarterback challenge began last year, the Jaguars received around half of action before the skies opened up.

Rain is expected on Saturday, although it is less likely in the morning than in the afternoon. Admission for the Red-Blue game is free to the general public.

On Saturday, we'll be seeing at Hancock Whitney Stadium for this year's Red & Blue Spring Game! Students from United States - enter at Gate 1 for your FREE t-shirt, free food, and to enter for a $1,500 prize pack!

Gates at Hancock Whitney Stadium will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday, allowing spectators to buy a yard sale in South Alabama prior to the spring game.

Inside the Core Industries Lounge, items for sale include helmets, jerseys, and other items at a price of $10 to $150. These include last year's specialty helmet decals (Hank Aaron 44, Mobile skyline, SouthPaw, US Alabama battleship, and the new Jaguar logo) for $20.

Don't forget to come out early to the Red & Blue Spring Game for our YARD SALE! The Hall of Fame at Hancock Whitney Stadium is open at 9 am!

Cash is not accepted for the "yard sale," so fans must provide cashless payments.

A pre-game Easter egg hunt is held at the Jaguar Training Center for the second time at 9:30 a.m. Parking lots are open at 8 a.m.

South Alabama's spring has seen a number of players changing positions or experimenting at new spots, including Anterrious Gray (guard to tackle), Terry Perry (defensive end to inside linebacker) and Lamondre Brooks (defensive end to outside linebacker). This week, Daniel Foster-Allen has moved from defensive end to offensive tackle.

Foster-Allen, a 6-foot-3, 295 pounds athlete, has been moved to South Alabama this spring from Auburn. After previously wearing No. 93, he wore No. 77 at Wednesday's practice.

South Alabama will hold a walkthrough on Friday morning, leading into Saturday's spring game at Hancock Whitney Stadium.

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