Just before the FBI raid, a water system in Alabama received $333 million from the federal government

Just before the FBI raid, a water system in Alabama received $333 million from the federal governmen ...

Just weeks before the and the home of at least one employee during an. The Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board sought a total of $333 million in federal infrastructure grants.

According to records from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Prichard is working on grant applications.

After being accused of the first degree property theft and aggravated theft by deception, a former manager of the Water Works is now serving a life sentence.

Nia Bradley, a former manager, is accused of using a Water Works credit card to pay for personal items and travels to New York, Chicago, and Sandestin. Authorities said the victims were confiscated in February, including Gucci bags and firearms.

The Water Works received federal funding on February 4, three weeks before the raids, which included requests for the three most expensive individual projects in the state, each costing more than any other project or repair work listed in many larger cities.

These are three projects:

The Prichard Water Works did not respond immediately to requests for clarification regarding grant applications.

ADEM, which is evaluating the grant applications and, said, will evaluate "all factors" when it comes to Prichard's application.

According to a text, ADEM External Affairs Chief Lynn Battle said: "All factors affecting the need will be considered."

A spokesperson for the Mobile County District Attorney's Office said that questions about Bradley's next court appearance are scheduled for April 21 and that any other concerns relating to the Prichard Water Board probe would be covered in a continuing investigation, and the office could not comment.

When the investigation began in February, Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said the investigation had gone beyond the prospect of credit cards.

"This is everything we need to do," Rich said of the allegations. "There are allegations that property was purchased, and allegations that other things were purchased through other banking and financial institutions. That's exactly what makes this so significant."

Jay Ross, the long-time attorney for the water board

On Wednesday, Ross did not respond to calls for comment.

Prichard, a southern Alabama area just north of Mobile, has a population of 19,322, according to authorities. The full amount of their application would be $17,234 for every person living in the city.

However, they are unlikely to receive the full amount. ADEM expects to receive up to $6 billion in federal funds for the next five years.

According to ADEM statistics, the company had received federal funding across the country for nearly $3.1 billion as of April 2.

Prichard applied for the highest total amount of any utility and filed the two project applications for $100 million or more. Only one other project among the 500 sought more than $50 million in federal funding.

The funds are funded by the American Rescue Plan Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, both passed in 2021, and are expected to be distributed to water and sewer systems across Alabama over the next five years in order to repair, repair, or improve old water infrastructure across the state.

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