What struck a strange firefall on a Tennessee lawn as a result of lightning

What struck a strange firefall on a Tennessee lawn as a result of lightning ...

On Iskagna Drive, KFD is on scene of a lightning strike that smashed a gas line and set fire.

This week, a firepillar on a manicured lawn in East Tennessee erupted, and experts claim it was caused after a bolt of lightning caused harm and wound a buried gas line.

The fire in Knoxville was wiped out without damage to nearby homes, according to the Knoxville Fire Department. After consulting with the Knoxville Utilities Board, the department said the fire.

The writhing pillar is up to 20 feet tall, versus the height of an average two-story property in multiple photos.

Kimberly Wright, a Knoxville Realtor, claims she is the homeowner and said, "There is a connection to our meter." She did not disclose any damage to the property.

"A hearty thank you to the Knoxville Fire Department for rescuing the fires from my house, and to KUB for rescuing the gas line that was struck. "

According to the utilities board, gas lines have a standard depth, although some may be as high as 60 inches.

Commenters on social media, indicating a nearby tree was a more likely lightning target.

Despite their reputation, strikes are a hit for traveling great distances during a storm, according to experts.

"The lightning may then scatter on a tree, or force something else, or after the current travels through the tree trunk, it may also travel through the immediate vicinity, and into anything or anyone nearby."

"In urban areas, it may strike a pole or a tree, and the current then travels to several nearby houses and other structures and enter them through wiring or plumbing."

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