Alabama journalist searches for must-do attractions and events on the Gulf Coast, including Bamahenge, crawfish, and more

Alabama journalist searches for must-do attractions and events on the Gulf Coast, including Bamaheng ...

According to John Mullen, there are plenty of things coastal Alabama residents already know about within the entries in the recently released book he wrote entitled "100 Things to Do on the Alabama Gulf Coast Before You Die."

There are a few curveballs to choose from.

Have you ever heard of ?

What exactly is the nature of the dinosaurs who lurk in the woods near Elberta?

They are among the various items in Mullen's book, which was published on April 1st and is now available through Reedy Press.

During a conversation with a friend, Mullen said, "I was surprised how many people didn't know about the life-sized dinosaurs and the exact replica of Stonehenge."

Mullen, a 60-year-old journalist who lives in Orange Beach, Alabama, has served in various capacities with Alabama-based newspapers and publications since 1983.

He began living in the coastal Alabama area since 2010, and has been previously editor of The Islander for six years. He resigned from the full-time gig and became freelancing a few years ago.

"I promise people that I work every day until a happy hour starts," Mullen said.

His current work on Orange Beach is often uncovered on the center of the city. He also covers the city government of Gulf Shores.

A year ago, he began a book project that examines things to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The boundaries vary quite a bit, including events or attractions in Fairhope and Foley, as well as Biloxi, Mississippi, and Pensacola, Florida.

Id sit down and do 10 a day, said Mullen. It's a lot of research, and you try to toss in some light writing.

In October, he completed the project.

Themes and strategies that can be found in this video.

The 6th annual Waterway Village Zydeco and Crawfish Festival in Gulf Shores returns to the Alabama Gulf Coast on Saturday, April 16, according to writer John Mullen's new book, "100 Things to Do On the Alabama Gulf Coast Before You Die."

The following sections of the book are divided into two categories: food and drink, music and entertainment, culture and history, and shopping and fashion. Each entry in the section includes a paragraph-long description, followed by contact information. A "Tip" that gives you some remorse or advice.

'Don't touch your eyes or other sensitive extremities until you wash your hands,' Mullen said. 'You know, that will burn.'

He claims to be asked about his favorite entry among the 100 places listed in the book. Even if Mullen does not name one specific favourite, he believes the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, does not disappoint.

"I'm a huge World War II fan, and that's something about mine," Mullen said.

A pirate-themed ship at the Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, which is believed to be a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship, the Pinta, is also said to be among his favorites.

Relations with the community

Mullen said that his connections between working in community news journalism for the past ten years aided in laying the foundation for the book.

It's assisting him with getting the book published and out to the public. Reedy Press, based in St. Louis, has had an impressive reception, with over 2,000 books for sale online for $17.

While reading the book, Mullen said, "snowbirds" visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast would be a top customer for it. Snowbirds is the term used to refer to Northern retirees who vacation in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach during the winter months.

Local Realtors are among the finest early customers.

"People with condo rental units want to buy them and leave them to people to look over and discover things to do," Mullen said. "Realtors want to give them to clients during closings."

A lot of coastal restaurants are selling it.

I've been overwhelmed and humbled by the support, Mullen said.

"It's those relationships that really aided me to get into this," he said. It would have been much harder to not have those kind of good connections in the community," he added.

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