Students who swap schools in a "harmless" senior chastises are reportedly threatened with jail

Students who swap schools in a "harmless" senior chastises are reportedly threatened with jail ...

After receiving a harmless senior ploy, Chilton County high schoolers claimed they were threatened with jail time and had scholarships reinstated.

On Monday, a small group of senior members from Chilton County High School and Jemison High School attended each other's classes, awaiting teachers to catch up quickly. However, the students managed to spend almost half the day at opposite schools without noticing.

According to Rileigh Payes, "We didn't do anything to hurt their school, and Jemison kids did nothing to hurt ours." "We all wanted to have a little fun before we graduated, but I guess not."

According to social media reports, students at Jemison High were kicked off sports teams and had scholarships removed. Besides, they could not attend prom.

Superintendent Jason Griffin did not respond to specific questions about contact threats or other concerns about unfair punishments, but said in an email that the system adheres to "law, policy, and procedure in all aspects of daily operations."

According to the district's conduct standards, law enforcement generally don't get involved in disciplinary issues unless a student harms someone or violates the law, but the severity of other punishments is largely up to administrators.

Class pranks and other disruptive behavior are classified as minor offenses, but may still result in suspension. Getting skid at another school during school hours without permission of an official of each school is a harsher offense that can, therefore, require community service, detention, corporal punishment, and transition to an alternative school at the principal's discretion.

Clanton and Jemison Seniors sent out a prank, then Clanton went to Jemison, and Jemison went to Clanton, and their teachers didn't...

Residents took to Facebook to express their displeasure, noting that the prank was "harmless" compared to previous events, where students urinated on the gym floor, put desks on ceilings, and have allowed pigs and cockroaches out in the school. One local, Tabatha Hunt, has started a business, which has received more than 2000 signatures so far.

"Let's be honest, the administration is who is at fault here," Hunt said. "If people would have noticed they had aliens at the school, we have bigger problems than a Senior prank. "We were aware of the fact that the lack of security was exposed and now they want to punish the children."

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