Season 2 of Netflix's Renews Korean Reality Show 'Singles Inferno'

Season 2 of Netflix's Renews Korean Reality Show 'Singles Inferno' ...

The popular Korean romance reality series is coming back for a second season. This week, a trailer confirmed eight episodes of the show, according to the show.

The set of the show places a group of hot young Korean singles on a tropical "Hell Island," where the only way of escape is to spend a night with someone. Those who couple up can travel to "Heaven Island" for a night, where excellent food and accommodations are provided, while those who fail to become a couple are forced to spend an evening of self-sufficiency.

Singles Inferno's first season on Netflix improved, with a ten-figure list for non-English television for three weeks, with the company peaking in front.

As our new singles embark on love relationships, Netflix said in a statement that "fans can expect to escape to the "Inferno" island for more intense moments, adrenaline-pumping moments, and much more. The goal? Set up and escape the inferno!

In other romance reality TV news from, Netflix dropped the trailer for its Japanese unscripted show this week (the show was renewed as part of a batch of new unscripted Japanese television last month) and follows complete strangers who receive a diary that explains how they will fall in love with each other. The pair must then play out the script to see if the sparks fly as promised.

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