Gilbert Gottfried, a top Cameo star, has left behind 200 hours of content

Gilbert Gottfried, a top Cameo star, has left behind 200 hours of content ...

, the persistently savage comedian who, following a long battle with muscular dystrophy, left behind a large archive of recorded material, most of it never seen.

The clips were not taken in the smoky comedy clubs where Gottfried commended his act, c'est in his own bathroom, created one minute at a time.

Gottfried was among the greatest earners ever on the viral app that sells personalized messages from celebrities to fans for a fee.

In Gottfried's case, it raised $175, notwithstanding a chump change or an exorbitant amount, but, judging from the scores of five-star reviews left by satisfied customers on his page, it's well worth the price for the ease they sent them.

In total, Gottfried recorded around 12,000 Cameo messages, earning him over $2 million.

If Cameo had a Mount Rushmore, according to Steven Galanis, the company's co-founder and CEO, Gilbert would certainly be on the ground.

Gottfried was an early adopter to the platform, signing it in late 2018, just two years after its founding. However, he was swift to emerge from the pack as one of its most popular requests.

Galanis claims that "he had a unique voice." "That voice so well on our medium. And he'd make faces. Every video is so powerful. You want to share it."

At the height of the COVID-19 epidemic in May 2020, Gottfried said he always went the extra mile for his clients.

I'll invest extra effort into things, he said. I'll look up what they do for a living and tailor my jokes to that.

He started each day by checking the app for requests. I then locked myself in the bathroom until I finish taping them all, said the director. Its become my recording booth.

Even if the service went from a few hundred to over 50,000 artists, that's what made him in the top-tier of Cameo earners.

He put the work in every day and gave it 110 percent, Galanis said. Think in retrospect how sick he was. Yet he left everything out there. Cameo was a treasurable way for him to earn money for his family and pay his bills.

Gottfried was enlisted to comfort a devastated family waiting for a devastating hurricane, smile on the face of a terminally ill man, and wish to have a happy 80th birthday.

In a review on Gottfried's Cameo page, "My dad passed away". "I'm devastated, but over the past few months, he showed everyone he saw the video that you made. I'm absolutely pleased you were able to do the video for him, and it brought him so much joy."

In the wake of a wave of high-profile comedian deaths, Gottfried has passed away, including several of whom Bob Saget and Norm Macdonald most notably were regularly enlisted on the platform.

In Saget's case, a highlight reel of his best Cameo moments was posted on the Instagram account.

But in the wake of another celebrity death that of Meat Loaf the singer's widow made an unprecedented request: she requested a copy of the entire Meat Loaf Cameo archive.

All content on Cameo is owned by the artist. So, the company was more than happy to provide Meat Loaf's wife with a hard drive that contains not only the Cameos, but all reactions videos submitted by fans.

Galanis claims that the over 200 hours of Gottfried Cameos will remain uncertain.

Nobody posts ten Instagrams or TikToks a day, he adds. For people like Gilbert, this is by far the most popular social channel he has ever had. The sheer amount of content he made is longer than all his previous hours of standup.

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