Is my friend's new younger man just a gold-digger, according to Abby?

Is my friend's new younger man just a gold-digger, according to Abby? ...

DEAR ABBY: A friend of mine lost her husband a couple of years ago. I didn't think she was looking for love or companionship, but all of a sudden she has met a younger guy, and I'm concerned. I have observed several red flags, but I'm not sure if I should say anything.

She owns a house in a big city and a smaller, very nice one with a view of the lake three hours away. This man has posted on his main Facebook page a picture of his daughter, who appears to be 13, along with several pictures of a beautiful minor other posing with him and his daughter.

On my friend's birthday, he showed up with a huge bouquet, balloons, and all. She told a mutual friend about the flowers and was all giddy. This scenario makes me suspect he is a predator who may start asking her for money. SIGNS IN REAL TIME

DEAR FRIEND: If it were me, I'd ask my friend how SHE enjoyed the family dinner at her lake house, and whether she has seen what this new man in her life has posted on his FB. Finally, I would say to her how seeing his claim that the location is "his" made you do a double-take. After that, I would simply listen.

DEAR ABBY: As her kids were growing up, my mother-in-law, "Gladys," never was particularly good. This is because she interjects herself into every aspect of my family's life, particularly when a situation arises. In recent days, it concerned the death of my wife's father and raised a barley on his left knee. Gladys even parked her truck in front of ours to prevent us from leaving, giving him emotional help.

My wife refuses to stand up to her when she acts like this. This woman has more than once come between me and my family. I feel like Gladys had her chance, but now it is my option to call the shots. If you do not feel so guilty, please let me know. HUSBAND AND DAD IN GEORGIA

DEAR HUSBAND: I don't believe you are being unreasonable. I do believe you should have a serious, private conversation with your wife. Both you need to learn how to tighten boundaries for her mother. If you need help, consult with a marriage counselor. A marriage in which one spouse is struggling.

DEAR READERS: At sundown, the first night of Passover starts. This major Jewish holiday commemorates the most significant event in Jewish history -- the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Happy Passover to my readers who watch this important holiday. -- ABBY, LOVE

Abigail Van Buren, who is also known as Jeanne Phillips, wrote Dear Abby. Contact Us at the address (702) 479-9569.

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