Schools in Davison are in a 'desperate need' of bus drivers

Schools in Davison are in a 'desperate need' of bus drivers ...

DAVISON, MI -- Davison Community Schools is desperate to hire bus drivers.

According to a news release from the district, the district is offering a $500 sign-on bonus, a $16.51 hourly starting wage, and paid training for residents who have good driving records.

For more information, applicants may send their name and contact information to

According to Davison's website, a fleet of 47 buses covers a 57-square-mile radius every school day. Drivers complete a pre-trip check each day and coordinate the Bus Safety Committee, which educates students about bus safety regulations.

During the COVID-19 peak, Davison is dealing with the same problem that devastated schools across the state and the country.

Following a 'unprecedented' bus driver shortage, parents advised them to choose alternative ways to arrive at school.

In the pandemic, low transportation personnel combined with long-term COVID-19 quarantine periods made for a difficult time for schools to deal with.

According to reports, a commercial driver's license training will last 4-6 weeks, including driving specific endorsements.

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