Doctor Describes Efforts to Treat Actor's Drug Addiction in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial

Doctor Describes Efforts to Treat Actor's Drug Addiction in Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial ...

The day before the trial was devoted to hearing from a video deposition of Dr. David Kipper, who was hired in 2014 to treat Depp for an additional to heroin.

Kipper outlines a strategy to assist Depp in his heinous recovery in the Bahamas, where he has a lake.

Depp expressed his desire not to proceed, even if Kipper replied: "Stop firing me. I know what I'm doing."

Depp is adamantly optimistic about continuing with the treatment plan, according to Kipper.

"Forgot to tell you had a hopefully very positive and free of ego squawk with Amber last night," Depp said in a text on August 24, 2014.

Kipper told in the interview that he didn't recall the specific text, "so that it may have been a remorse."

Another message from his nurse Debra Lloyd said that Depp had "punched a white board in the kitchen after a fight," and another in which he kicked in a door on a film set because he was agitated.

Depp spoke with Kipper on Monday, saying, "She is as f**k as a Christmas goose." He called her "a malicious evil and vindictive c***." In March 2015, when they arrived in Australia, Kipper complained to Heard.

Depp said, "She is so passionate for success and for excellence." "That is probably why I was acquired."

Several texts were followed later that month, which he appeared to apologize for his "spineless and base behavior." He informed Kipper that he "cut the top of my middle finger off. What should I do? Go to the hospital? I'm so sorry for jumping into anything with her."

Kipper said that he came to see Depp at the Australian rental house, which was "a mess." There were also issues that had been resolved.

Depp was referred to a hand surgeon when he was told on March 15 that he would withdraw his treatment if he did not comply with the drug treatment plan, and that he had to be "stable" for surgery. Depp then promised him that he would comply.

According to Depp, "My deformed finger and I have no friends" by the way...Amber and I have been absolutely fantastic for three f*cking months, solid!!! I have locked my monster child away in a cage inside, and it has f*cking worked!!! We're now goddam best friends."

Kipper said that there was concern that Depp was "taking more Xanax than he should have been" as well as the impact that phone calls between Depp and Heard would have on his behavior.

The court has been postponed for the weekend.

PREVIOUSLY: In the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial, a marriage therapist said the mute couple engaged in "mistake."

In a video testimony presented in a Virginia court on Thursday, Dr. outlines notes she had taken during the couple's sessions.

He had been well-controlled for for over 20, 30 years, and both were victims of abuse at their homes, but I thought he had been well-supervised for decades. So, with Ms. Heard, he was triggered and they engaged in what I saw as mutual abuse, she said.

According to Heard's attorney, Depp had filed a counterclaim in December 2018.

Depp and Heard were victims of abuse in their early years, according to Anderson.

Anderson worked with Heard and Depp for 21 sessions. She said Heard had a "jackhammer mode of talking," and was "very amped up," while he "had trouble talking at a similar speed."

"He punches her in one note from a session," she wrote, "he has no closed fist. She hits back, and starts it for pride because father hit her."

Anderson said that the note was "her reporting to me" that Depp assaulted her with a "open hand slap."

"She claims to be a slugher. a lot of things trigger her. If she was triggered she would hit him first."

After obtaining a restraining order against Depp, Anderson said the actress visited her, pointing out that she saw bruising on Heard's face as well as in photographs she showed to her. Heard said that Depp assaulted her and struck her during the confrontation.

Depp and Heard are sitting on opposite sides of the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia. At times during Anderson's testimony, Depp sat on something that appeared to be a stir stick or straw.

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