The Best Beers to Mix Cocktails With Bartenders

The Best Beers to Mix Cocktails With Bartenders ...

One of the world's most popular aspects is the desire and skill of bartenders throughout the country (and the globe). But we are most certainly in a booming era for cocktails. However, most often seek for whisk(e)y, rum, tequila, vodka, and other spirits as the basis. However, some bartenders shake things up by using.

Picking the best beer for mixing is extremely important, whether it is a simple, michelada, a beer-based bloody Mary, or something more sophisticated. There are a variety of styles and not all are easy to mix with. We asked a handful of bartenders for assistance to offer their picks.

Keep an eye on all of their choices. It may help you grow some of your creativity, and you'll grab a sixer of one of these beers and mix it up yourself.

Andrew Guerin, a bartender at New Orleans, is a lawyer.

Average Price of ABV: 4.2 percent

Why is This Beer Beer so good?

Give me Guinness all day long when it comes to blending with beer. The varied malted flavors, the coffee, and the spicy profile make it so easy to distinguish. It's a great accompaniment to dessert cocktails.

Daniel Yang, a leading bartender at the Las Vegas event

ABV: 4.6 percent Average Price

Why is This Beer such a good thing?

If it's not a Michelada, then my favorite way to get to Miller High is to get light and crisp while giving you a subtle hint of toffee. My favorite method to spruce up this effervescent delight is to add a touch of Aperol and lemon juice to the countless Spaghett.

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