Due to a spooky wind, the White Sox had a run

Due to a spooky wind, the White Sox had a run ...

Chicago is famously named "The Windy City," and in baseball, we usually hear about howling winds at Wrigley Field, where a day where it blows out can lead to tons of home runs, and days it blows in can lead to a pitcher's paradise.

The Southside is still blowing, and the White Sox took advantage of a shaky Thursday afternoon with one of the funniest games you'll ever see all year in Major League Baseball. With two outs in the fifth inning, Adam Engel walked away with a ball just after the whistle, causing problems for the Mariners infield, who fled again, eventually resulting in a drop by the catcher and Engel reaching second on the error.

Jake Burger, the very next batter, sent a baseball straight up in the air and had the ball winding from straight over the pitcher's mound to out by shortstop, where it was dropped again as Engel calmly rounded the bases and scored.


Chicago White Sox (@whitesox)

The two pop-ups couldn't have crossed much more than 100 combined feet on a regular basis, but they managed to produce a run out of just those two swings to cut the Seattle lead in half.

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