Merritt Wever Is A 'ROAR' 'Feminist Acid' Trip And He Is Astonishing From The Rust To Rediscover Her Drive To Act

Merritt Wever Is A 'ROAR' 'Feminist Acid' Trip And He Is Astonishing From The Rust To Rediscover Her ...

I'm a bit surprised when she tells me she's "rusty" on her new anthology series Roar. She's just completed an impressive run of Netflix limited series ( and ), and she taught viewers the true meaning of on-screen chemistry by doing so.

It's been about two years since Wever was working on a project, which she has been ruled out by the epidemic, and by the unindiable fact that Hollywood has remained underrated. ROAR, a series of vignettes that use surrealism and fantastical premises to explore the varied and complicated experiences of a diverse population, is a weird result of one question: "Should I be laughing right now?"

If Wever's episode is successful, then she befriends a talking duck named Larry (voiced by Justin Kirk) who is then taken home and establishes a romantic relationship. But, though, Larry is attentive, and his connection with him is painful. There is also a sex scene, and Wever's character is unable to deal with a few harsh assumptions about who she is and who she wants to be.

The whole thing is based on its star's ability to convince audiences that a seemingly mentally stable woman would not only enter into a relationship with this disarmingly suave waterfowl, but that she would stay with him even when he sh*ts all over her apartment and physically assaults her for going to dinner with her sister. She pulls it off, because she's Merritt f*cking Wever, but she does it so effortlessly, making the impression that this is her first project

Now, I'm wrongeous seded off on her behalf all over again.

We talked with Wever about saying yes to ROAR, where she would rank her animal co-star, and re-discovering her drive to act.

This episode of this hyper-surreal is. When you were in the moment, was it difficult to ground yourself, revealing some of the darker scenes?

I think having to do that was one of the reasons that I wanted to do the part. To be given such an unusual unreal situation and tasked with doing it as real as possible, knowing that the episode in many ways would live or die on the believability of her engaging with a duck this way, which isn't that much different than any old acting job you get. It's just that usually you're not being asked to make people believe something so unbelievable. Yeah, it was actually one of the highlights.

Is it that you were prepared for a challenge?

Yeah. I thought the process of stealing a sentence for a duck was going to be different than it was. I thought it was going to be the obstacle of the episode. Instead, I mean, the duck would sit and look at me, listen to me, and respond to my own voice and reactions. It was a really real live-scene relationship to play with.

On top of that, it was like I had two scene partners. I had the duck I was talking to, and then Justin Kirk, from Angels in America, wasvoicing Larry, and being there every day out of sightline, but within earshot, acting each and every scene with me. I thought it would be disorienting, and instead, it was like, "Oh, I love this. This is a real life way to play."

Before you got the right one, did you have to chemistry read with a slew of ducks?

[laughs] There was a group of ducks, each naming them after a member of [NSYNC], but the duck that seemed to really like hanging out was named Justin.

Go figure.

Yeah. The hero duck front and center, the lead singer. We had Justin, the duck, and then Justin, the actor.

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