Trump will pay $75 for a shot of his all-white head

Trump will pay $75 for a shot of his all-white head ...

Former presidents have gone on to do some quite impressive things. Eight years after he left the White House, William Howard Taft was appointed the 10th Chief Justice of the United States. founded the Carter Center, a human rights organization that aims to "prevent and resolve conflicts," promote global democracy, military family assistance, and prevention of obesity. Hell has even created The Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy, AIDS, and Military Family Assistance. Our most recent ex-president has chosen a different route.

As, is hawking autographed photos of his recent (alleged) hole-in-one, for the bargain price of $75 a pop, which is less than a quarter of what for a creepy rendition of "Happy Birthday" on Cameo.

On Wednesday, a political reporter shot a picture of Trump's latest plot to fleecing his followers, as pathetic as it appears. Even the subject line is unanswered: "I made a hole-in-one."

Today, Donald Trump raises money from his supporters on the same page.

Olivia Nuzzi (@Olivianuzzi)

"It's true, very friendly friend," said the former president of the game. "While playing golf with some of the greatest golfers in our country, I made a hole-in-one."

Naturellement, it took not long until individuals to get into the habit of piling on.

This makes me happier about my death.

Diabeeetuss (@diabeeetuss)

Will never be shady that this man was elected to be the most powerful man on Earth.

Aaron Horwitz (@AaronTheH)

J.R. McGrail (@JRMcGrail)

Friends, I went peepee poopoo in the potty today.

FOR YOU! (Send money today!)

Dave Murray (@DMurray711)

According to an email from my grandfather's WebTV browser in 2004, "I made a hole in one."

Alex Clearfield (@AlexClearfield)

We look forward to seeing what former president may sell to his supporters next.

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