The Best Scotch Whisky Bottles Between $200 and $250, Ranked

The Best Scotch Whisky Bottles Between $200 and $250, Ranked ...

A $250 bottle of is certainly worth spending $250 on, but it is not always worth investing $250 on it. The downside is that this whisky machine is less likely to increase the price of bourbon right now. This is not the case for average bottles but rather for unicorns.

What are these affordable things in the ecosystem? They're all "good stuff," and are (mostly) all 20 years old. This is kind of where the hits a peak before approaching familiarities you might not ever encounter. So while the ten Scotch whiskies below are costly, they're still all fairly accessible on the open market.

I'm keeping these three on my shelf right now and enjoy them regularly. The rest are all bottles I respect and consider that are unique at this price point but I don't usually chase down and spend my own money on (just being real!). Generally, your palate is different than mine, so make sure you grab it!

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