After Trump bragged that his supply chains were a "Perfect Moving Machine," people had a lot of toilet paper jokes

After Trump bragged that his supply chains were a "Perfect Moving Machine," people had a lot of toil ...

After a recent appearance on the internet, Trump said, "beautiful" that he had during his administration. Supply chains so perfect, he never had to even talk about them. Despite being president, the coronavirus epidemic put the world in jeopardy and caused supermarkets to drain paper goods due to widespread scarcity, he slammed Joe Biden's administration for leaving stores "half-empty."

You go to stores and theyre half empty. Many stores, they cannot get anything, Trump said. You go to luxury stores or non-luxuy stores or supermarkets, and the shelves, or in some instances, half-bare. And nobodys ever seen it. We didnt even have to wait for supply chains during my administration because it was a perfect moving machine. It was amazing.

Trump: During my administration, we didn't even have to talk about supply chains, because it was a fantastic moving machine.

Acyn (@Acyn)

Almost everyone who was alive during the first months of the epidemic remembers when store shelves were really empty due to a combination of supply chain problems and a lack of labor. In fact, one particular item became increasingly difficult to obtain: toilet paper. People who distinctly recall their outrageous attempts to store toilet tissue on social media.

Let the reactions below be a lesson for future politicians. Deprive Americans of their Charmin at your own danger.

America became ill after Trump's administration.

Jesse Ferguson (@JesseFFerguson)


Chris B (@ChrisBWithYou)

No toilet paper was provided.

Vegaslife711 (@Vegaslife7111)

Oase tilapia tilapia

Relatively a Regular Person (@tracychapmanfa1)

In 2020, we swapped flour for toilet paper with our neighbors, but this is a fantastic story, Donald!


What exactly are you talking about without being able to get toilet paper buddy?

Sharon Dennis (@sddphoto)

When all the toilet paper was removed, I liked the part.

Reese (@JackJackington)

Coffee filters were used on toilet paper...but they continue to go on. There was no Lysol, disinfectants, disinfectants, wipes, etc...Water bottles were out of stock.

KathleenFrances (@Kathlee71013772)

Costco's supply chain explains.

ThanksInAdvanceForYourVituperation (@joe_c_giles)

For two months, I'm not able to get toilet paper.


The toilet paper aisle would like to have a word...

Goddess of Victory (@JayashreeNara14)

Catherine #ConfirmedKBJ! (@CMargaronis)


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