Mariah Carey Reveals Brandy's Reimagined Fan Favorite

Mariah Carey Reveals Brandy's Reimagined Fan Favorite ...

Carey has recently signed a nine-video online series with Masterclass in which she teaches writers how to listen to their voices, collaborate with samples, and navigate the music industry. This time, she has released a re-recording of one of her fan-favorite cuts, titled "The Roof."

The Roof was first released as a solo track on Carey's 1997 Butterfly album. However, the song and its video remain a fan favorite.

Carey can be seen directing Brandy during the recording and arrangement of the tracks in one of the Masterclass videos.

Ive never let cameras in when I am writing, not when Im writing, and especially when Im singing, Carey said. But now I'm taking MasterClass members into my studio to demonstrate how they can compose and produce music using their voice and become whatever they desire to be as long as they create, re-create, reimagine, and reinvent.

Fans can access the Masterclass via a $15 monthly subscription to Masterclass and can also take online lessons from, and.

Among the themes for Carey's Masterclass include "Writing With Samples," "Producing With Your Voice," "Taking Care of Your Voice," "Surviving in the Music Industry," and "Lyricism: Write About the Realness."

Mariah is being reimagined as a genius, according to David Rogier, the founder and CEO of MasterClass. "She's one of the greatest artists of all time. In her classroom, Mariah is constantly learning to listen to their voices throughout the music-making process, including in the studio and during the development."

Check out the Masterclass trailer above.

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